The Washington Times - February 24, 2008, 07:07PM
DeAngelo Hall

\ *Hall is a pain in the butt for a coaching staff and management and flaps his gums constantly on and off the field. But he is a top cover corner and those are hard to come by in the NFL, sort of like game-breaking receivers and franchise quarterbacks. So if he’s on the block, any team needing a No. 1 corner, willing to pay the tariff (it starts with a first-round draft pick) and possessor of enough cap space to give Hall a new contract (think Nate Clements money — $22 million guaranteed) should give Atlanta a call.\


\ *That said, part I: The Redskins probably don’t have enough salary cap space this year or for seasons onward to afford that kind of contract at this kind of time for this kind of player. They have three cornerbacks on the roster — Shawn Springs, Fred Smoot, Carlos Rogers — making No. 1-type money and acquiring Hall and giving him more money than all of them wouldn\0x2019t be good for secondary-meeting-room chemistry. If the Redskins had a glaring need at the position — if Springs was going to get cut and if Smoot struggled throughout 2007, then a move might make sense. But the Redskins need a No. 3 or 4 corner to hold down the fort while Rogers recovers from injury.\

\ *That said, part II: The Redskins can’t afford to trade first-round draft choices. They’re too precious. They traded their 2006 pick but that was to get Jason Campbell a year earlier \0x2013 it was worth it. Just like Cleveland thinks trading out of this year’s first round to get Brady Quinn last year and San Francisco thinks trading out of this year’s first round (a top 10 pick) to get Joe Staley was worth it. The Redskins don’t have a lot of holes in their starting 22. Their starting 11 offense is pretty much set. On defense, plugging Smoot for Rogers at No. 2 corner and Reed Doughty as the full-time starting strong safety leaves only Rocky McIntosh’s linebacker spot vacated. The Redskins are at a point with their roster where they need to add role players through free agency and young players through the draft, not players like Hall.\

\ *BUT, these are still The Dan Snyder Redskins. A couple of reporters floated the Redskins as a possible suitor for Hall during the weekend. After I double-checked with them to make sure they heard the same things I was hearing (they weren’t in the hunt just yet), they said it was almost knee-jerk to speculate the Redskins as a foil for the Falcons. Even though the even hand of Coach Joe is now in North Carolina, I have to believe a spontaneous move like trading for Hall is beyond Danny and Vinny at this point. BUT if The Danny is determined to get rid of Springs, then Hall could be in play.\

\ *Final verdict: Although I’ve been wrong about every single thing about the Redskins this calendar year (Joe was coming back, Gregg was getting the job, Spagnuolo would pursue the opening, etc.), I feel confident in saying the Redskins won’t pursue Hall.\