The Washington Times - September 1, 2008, 09:33PM

Two days after being cut by the Redskins, punter Derrick Frost was thrilled to sign with the Packers.

Here’s some of what ol’ Frosty had to say on his first day in the land of the soon-to-be frozen tundra.


“I think the competition [with Redskins rookie Durant Brooks] really made me a better punter. I’m really excited about a new opportunity to showcase that. It’s done and gone with and I’m just excited to be here. Being a kid from St. Louis, it’s exciting to be back in the Midwest . It’s [been] a whirlwind couple of days for me. I get released and clear waivers and I had three workouts [with Seattle, Pittsburgh and New England] lined up and I got a call from the Packers and it’s just been a lot of media and a lot of dead cell phone batteries. Somehow I ended up here. It’s kind of exciting.”

The Packers signed Frost without a workout because special teams coach Mike Stock, who also used to work in Washington, has been a longtime fan.


— David Elfin