The Washington Times - September 15, 2008, 05:29PM

Redskins tight end Chris Cooley apologized Monday through a team spokesperson for a picture on his blog that exposed his groin area and included a pre-game quiz for the team’s tight ends.

“It was an accident,” Cooley said. “When we realized it was up, we took it down immediately. We didn’t mean to offend anybody and we’re very sorry it happened.”


Deadspin and other Web sites were able to secure the photo before it was removed from Cooley’s blog.
The quiz, given each Saturday night before a game, asked to describe the play of New Orleans’ defensive ends, how the Saints match the Redskins’ “Zebra” personnel, who are their starting safeties in two personnel groups and whether their safeties change in nickel situations.

Zorn was made aware of the picture late Monday afternoon.

“The one thing I would say which is quite interesting for all coaches in today’s technologically-sound world at any level is that there is MySpace, there’s Facebook, there’s blogging,” he said. “I just think it’s something most coaches have never had to deal with or have dealt with. This will be my first experience.”

Zorn said he will tell the team in a Wednesday morning meeting that posting anything regarding the Redskins’ game preparations will be prohibited.

“Chris used poor discretion using that type of prop,” he said. “My first thought is to make it a team-wide statement because it’s not just Chris — anybody can do that.  I see Chris as a common sense kind of guy. We just move on and have it not be an issue.”