The Washington Times - September 16, 2008, 05:17PM

Fans of the Redskins REALLY hate the Dallas Cowboys. So much so that they rooted for the Philadelphia Eagles last night.

That was the easy conclusion from my visit to the Buffalo Wing University last night to support the Big O & Dukes event.

People in Redskins jerseys roared with approval every time Donovan McNabb threw a long pass (how good is Desean Jackson?) and every time Brian Westbrook ran for a first down. They booed everytime T.O. was on camera.

I’ve made a bunch of appearances on air with the guys but this was the second of the events I’ve attended. I stopped by Foodstock this summer for free food. I stopped by BWU in Fairfax Monday night for free drinks (thanks to the owner who treated me like I was a part of the show).

The place was raucous watching the game … and then a group that included Colt Brennan (a Big O & Dukes folkhero), Jason Taylor, Marcus Washington and Stephon Heyer showed up. Brennan took over the place, taking pictures with every fan that wanted one.

Thanks to all who applauded when Dukes announced my arrival and appreciated my schtick-filled appearances on the show. It is the best show in D.C. — how’s that for a plug?

The featured photo is, from left to right: Big O (Oscar Santana), a bigger Big O (me), Chad Dukes and Matt “Drab” Cahill, the executive producer and brains of the show.