The Washington Times - September 19, 2008, 10:14AM

Vinny Cerrato’s radio show is on the air (ESPN 980). Two hours on Monday, two hours on Friday will be the set up for Vinny. Here’s what happened during the first segment: 10:03 a.m.: We’re on the air. Co-host George Michael and Vinny are at the microphones. The King questions the name of the show, saying it should be “Inside the Redskins.” Vinny corrects George when he merely calls him “Vice president …” “It’s executive vice president,” Vinny says. Vinny claims the idea for the show was not his or Dan Snyder’s. He says the show will not interfere with his Redskins work day. I’m stunned that he’s going to miss the first hour of Friday’s practice. 10:06 a.m.: Vinny says Clinton Portis loves being a Redskin. (I know he loves being PAID by the Redskins). 10:08 a.m.: Vinny says Jason Campbell fishes on Brett Favre’s property in the off-season. 10:10 a.m.: The first call – Anthony refers Vinny to Mr. Cerrato says he was disturbed by the Portis-B Mitch brouhaha. Vinny says Portis does the show because he has great respect for John Thompson and says that B-Mitch is “always on Clinton. … Clinton gets frustrated because he hears the negativity. … Clinton plays 110 percent of each play of each snap. … The interviewer should talk about the positives. I am totally on Clinton’s side about this one. … Everybody was frustrated after the Giants game and you read and hear all the negativity, people get frustrated and sometimes say what they don’t want to say. 10:13 a.m.: George on the Vinny’s title – “Executive vice president? Gimme a break.”