The Washington Times - September 21, 2008, 08:38PM

I’m spending my Sunday night hanging out at the Washington Times sports department waiting for first edition to get put to bed before chatting about a few things. Not to make this a complete waste of time, a couple of thoughts about today’s Redskins win…

1. Jason Campbell continues to improve. In the last two weeks, more specifically the last three halves, he has looked like a different quarterback. He’s hitting his receivers in stride, he’s moving around the pocket well, he’s not forcing things that result in turnovers. And you can tell how much he likes working with coach Jim Zorn.


2. Santana Moss is back in his 2005 Pro Bowl form. The lighting quick bursts of speed told me today that Moss is totally healthy and also enjoying his role in the passing offense. When Moss catches short passes, it means the defense has to respect that play and bingo, the long bomb plays open up.

3. The running game needs to be better. Campbell is still going to run into occasional problems against tough defenses and that means the running game needs to be ready to carry the load. It didn’t happen today. Every yard Clinton Portis got was a toughie and even Zorn said the Cardinals’ run defense laid “the wood” on the Redskins. I would like to see some more runs from 4-receiver formations to give Portis some options.

4. The Redskins almost never sent pressure today. I can’t remember any safeties or cornerbacks blitzing today. On Carlos Rogers’ interception, Greg Blache ordered a five-man blitz and the fifth rusher was linebacker Rocky McIntosh. It will be interesting to see if that plan is used at Dallas. The Cowboys’ offensive line is one of the best so a four-man rush may not get it done. But Blache probably doesn’t want to leave his corners in man coverage while LaRon Landry blitzes.

5. Durant Brooks doesn’t have much time left. That’s just a knee-jerk thought after he made a mistake on Shaun Suisham’s missed field goal. Brooks earned himself a tongue lashing from Zorn after the coach said Brooks “iced his own kicker.” But that Zorn elected to go for the field goal at that point shows he has little confidence in Brooks. I would have punted in that situation and told Brooks to kick it out of the stadium and let Arizona go 80 yards. Instead, the Cardinals started at their own 42.