The Washington Times - September 24, 2008, 05:13PM

After Jason Taylor and coach Jim Zorn discussed the defensive end’s emergency calf surgery on Monday morning, the media convinced the burgundy anf gold powers that be to let longtime trainer Bubba Tyer talk to us as he always used to.

      Tyer said the procedure had to be done immediately because the blood was creating pressure on the muscle and the nerve in the calf that could only be allievated by surgery. The operation, which opened up 6-inch incision, lasted about 20 minutes and went very well.


 “His was only in the lateral compartment so it’s on the outside of his calf,” Tyer said. “If you get it in all four compartments, that’s when it becomes a real life-threatening or limb-threatening situation. You can have muscle damage and you can have nerve damage. It could be bad enough that you don’t recover and you end up with a dropped foot.”


Tyer has been with the Redskins for 37 years but had never before had a player with this condition, but said five NFL players have had it in the last 6-8 years including an unnamed star linebacker he wouldn’t name who missed just a week.

So there’s hope that Taylor, who won’t play Sunday at Dallas, could be back the following week for another NFC East showdown at Philadelphia. Taylor was on crutches on Wednesday but is expected to shortly move into a walking boot and begin working out once he can walk without the boot.

 “We looked at the wound today and it looks very good,” Tyer said. “It’s nice and clean and dry so it’s healing properly. Each time we’ve seen him, he’s getting better muscle function. It’s responding real well. We expect him to be fine, if not this week. Hopefully next week or the [following] week.”

— David Elfin