The Washington Times - September 11, 2008, 12:35PM


Forbes Magazine has released its valuations of teams in the NFL and reports that the Redskins are worth a little more than $1.5 billion, second only to the Dallas Cowboys, at $1.6 billion. The magazine reports that the team has the highest annual operating income, at $58.1 million, and the highest annual revenue, at $327 million.


The average NFL team has topped $1 billion in value for the first time, Forbes said.

Forbes has a few not-so-nice things to say about the Redskins owner, however.

“Off the gridiron, owner Dan Snyder has done an impressive job with the Redskins. He has improved marketing and promotions, boosted revenue, poured a fortune into players and facilities and paid down much of the debt he took on when he bought the franchise and stadium in 1999. But his arrogance and penchant for control have not mixed well running the football operations. One high priced coach after another has flopped and the team has signed several big name players only to see them stumble around the field. Snyder needs to wise up like the Dolphins finally did and turn the football reigns over to someone like Bill Parcells.”

The Big Tuna and Dan Synder together? I bet they’d get along splendidly. 

Anyway, Forbes valuations offer some nice insight into team operations. For instance, the Seattle Seahawks, who beat the Redskins in last year’s playoffs, are worth $500 million less than the ‘Skins and have an operating income that’s about one-seventh as big. 

Also, the Houston Texans are sixth in the league in total value, despite never having made the playoffs in their six seasons. Why? Because their home field, Reliant Stadium, is a cash cow, bringing in a huge revenue from sponsorships and premium seating. Oh, and a $300 million naming rights deal helps, too.

With the Texans ranked this high due to the stadium, one can assume that the Cowboys will shoot even higher in total value when they open their new state-of-the-art stadium next season.

Here are the top 30 teams in value, according to Forbes:

(figures in $millions)

   1. Dallas Cowboys: $1,612
   2. Washington Redskins: 1,538
   3. New England Patriots: 1,324
   4. New York Giants: 1,178
   5. New York Jets: 1,170
   6. Houston Texans: 1,125
   7. Philadelphia Eagles: 1,116
   8. Indianapolis Colts: 1,076
   9. Chicago Bears: 1,064
  10. Baltimore Ravens: 1,062
  11. Denver Broncos: 1,061
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1,053
  13. Miami Dolphins: 1,044
  14. Carolina Panthers: 1,040
  15. Cleveland Browns: 1,035
  16. Green Bay Packers: 1,023
  17. Kansas City Chiefs:1,016
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers: 1,015
  19. Seattle Seahawks: 1,010
  20. Tennessee Titans: 994
  21. Cincinnati Bengals: 941
  22. New Orleans Saints: 937
  23. St Louis Rams: 929
  24. Detroit Lions: 917
  25. Arizona Cardinals: 914
  26. San Diego Chargers: 888
  27. Buffalo Bills: 885
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars: 876
  29. Atlanta Falcons: 872
  30. San Francisco 49ers: 865
  31. Oakland Raiders: 861
  32. Minnesota Vikings: 839