The Washington Times - September 3, 2008, 03:55PM

The Nationals will be lowering prices on some season tickets for 2009, with the cost of seats in some sections slashed by as much as one-third.

The club said that 7,500 seats will see lower prices, with 3,400 of those located in the lower bowl. There will be no increases anywhere in the ballpark.


The most affected seats are those located between sections 108 and 110 in the leftfield corner and 135 and 136 in the rightfield corner. All of those seats are now $30 per game as part of a season ticket package; they had been priced as high as $45.

The Nationals have averaged about 29,000 fans per game this season, but many seats in the outfield were often empty.

The Presidents Club and Diamond Club seats behind home plate will remain $300 and $150 per game, respectively, as part of a season ticket package.

Overall, the average per-game price for season tickets will be $29, the club said.

There is no word yet on any adjustments for single-game tickets.

The new pricing for season tickets is as follows:

CF Reserved, Section 100.             Were:$40  Now: $30

CF Lounge, Section 100.              Were:$60 Now: $50.   

LF Reserved, Sections 101-102.    Were: $30 Now. $20.

LF Box, Sections 103 & 107.       Were: $30  Now: $25                                      

LF Corner, Sections 108-110.          Were:$30-$45 Now: All $30.                 

RF Corner, Sections 135-136        Were: $30-$45. Now: All $30.                

RF Reserved, Sections 138-143     Were: $25. Now: $20.                    

Scoreboard Pavilion, Sections 237-243 Were: $20-$25 Now: $18.


UPDATE: I’ve had some time to analyze this new pricing scheme, and it appears the Nationals are trying to accomplish a few sensible things.

-The adjustment to the right and left field corner seats creates a uniformity of pricing throughout the section that will reduce confusion. This year, there were three different pricing levels in those sections. So in essence, someone could have saved as much as $15 per ticket just by moving back a few rows. This eliminates that issue, as all of those seats are now set at the lowest level of $30.

-The team is addressing the sparse number of people who have been sitting in the outfield. Under this new pricing, every outfield seat is cheaper on a season ticket basis. Most fans would say that $18 per game for a second-deck outfield seat is much more reasonable than the $25 the team was charging this year.

-The team lowered the funky pricing on section 107. For some reason, that section was $5 more per game just because it was on the foul side of the left field line. But it was essentially the same distance from home plate as the other Left Field Box Seats. This change makes Section 107 less of an odd duck.

-Lowering the Left Field Reserve seats from $30 to $20 is huge. Those are nice seats, easy in and easy out, with good access to the centerfield restaurant. But they are still outfield seats, and as such, probably too pricey at $30.