The Washington Times - September 5, 2008, 12:28PM

There is no longer a wide receiver on the Bengals named Chad Johnson. He’s now Chad Ocho Cinco, after legally changing his name to reflect his uniform number. And the NFL has acknowledged the change and will allow him to use “Ocho Cinco” on the back of his uniform this Sunday.

I knew for sure it was for real when I saw his name changed on Yahoo’s fantasy football Web site.


Now the big question is: how soon can we buy an official “Ocho Cinco” jersey? All of the online sellers I see still show “C. Johnson” above the 85. But at, a search for “Ocho Cinco” sends you right to a page with Chad Johnson merchandise. So it’s only a matter of time.


“We just approved this yesterday, when we were able to determine that he actually did legally change his name,” Goodell said in an interview with Darren Rovell on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “I’m not sure the jersey is available yet, but it will soon be out there I’m sure.”