The Washington Times - November 30, 2009, 01:17PM

Serena Williams will be fined $82,500 for her profanity-laced tirade at a U.S. Open line judge, and could be suspended from a future U.S. Open if she has another major code violation.

Williams was officially fined $175,000 but that will be cut by more than half if she stays out of trouble.


The International Tennis Federation’s Grand Slam Committee offered no explanation as to why it took three months to hand down the fine from the indcident in which Williams cursed out and threatened a line judge who called a foot fault during her semifinal match against Kim Clijsters. The foot fault set up match point, and Williams lost the match when she was handed a code violation for the verbal abuse.

Let’s do a little math, shall we?

Serena Williams has earned $6,545,586 this year. She is being fined $82,500 and had already been fined $10,000 from the United States Tennis Association. So she was fined about 1.4 percent of her to-date winnings.

To the average stiff, that’d be like having our cable bill doubled.

According to this BBC article, a top tennis line judge can earn about $32,000 a year. There’s no mention of any kind of extra pay or benefits for getting cursed out and threatened.

Of course, Serena has $6,453,000 to spend. Maybe some of that leftover dough can be used on a set of anger management classes.