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Tara writes about party politics, liberal media bias, faith in the public square, racial double standards and national policy under the newly anointed...err...appointed administration.

Latest Blog Entries

Rihanna Get Your Guns

If one lawmaker has his way and a bill making its way through the Maryland House of Delegates passes, victims of domestic abuse will be armed.

The Ghost of Geithner

Will the real Timothy Geithner please stand up? Is what we've seen thus far the true Geithner, his disembodied spirit, or is he in fact a disembodied spirit?

Steele Bans 'Outreach' From RNC

Expressing disdain for the term, GOP Chair Michael Steele banishes the word 'outreach', while explaining his plan to appeal to minority voters.

Holder's 'hope' dashed

First, we're a nation of whiners, now we're a nation of cowards. The cowardly comment comes from none other than President Barack Obama's newly minted attorney general, Eric Holder.