The Washington Times - June 12, 2009, 05:40PM

I never was an AOL employee (not for lack of trying once upon a time), but those who were, generally, have fond memories of the firm, which was first headquartered in Tyson’s Corner, and then in Sterling, Va., on a campus sometimes referred to as “Green Acres.”

Those longing for the halcyon days of AOL-dom might be interested in the following, from a news release received this week:


It was June 4, 1996 when former AOL employee Jason Munson started working for the Internet giant fresh out of college. AOL had just expanded into the European market with Asia and Latin America on the horizon. The Internet revolution was bursting at the seams, and times were good.

Jason’s AOL team was comprised of people from extraordinarily different backgrounds-from biochemists to art teachers- who had all come together to be a part of the Internet revolution forming within AOL’s walls and disseminating worldwide.

They worked hard, and had fun building both the AOL network and their own personal network of relationships.

After 11 years at AOL, Jason moved on to a start-up in search of the innovation that was so compelling during AOL’s early years. What he soon found out was that the answers to his daily challenges were no longer an instant-message (IM) away.

While some former AOL employees were still around to provide instant support via IM, the regular communication seemed to have disappeared.

That’s why Jason decided to organize a quarterly AOL reunion.

“It’s all about reconnecting with that knowledge base and with my AOL friends and colleagues that I remember fondly,” Munson said.

Munson has high-hopes for the second AOL Reunion, after over 220 former and current AOL employees attended the first reunion earlier this year.

“I hope that we can reconnect, share old and new stories, find old friends to hire as new talent, help each other solve business problems, and talk about what’s next from that common point of reference that we all share,” said Munson.

The AOL Reunion for former and current AOL employees, sponsored by Siteworx, Inc., will take place Wednesday, June 17 from 5-9pm at the Agraria Restaurant and Bar on the Georgetown waterfront.

I won’t be there, but do enjoy yourselves, you AOLers!