The Washington Times - January 18, 2011, 08:05AM

Inspiration can strike in the most unusual places and at the most unlikely times. Thomas Edison kept a notepad by his bedside, ready for the lightning bolt in the middle of the night. My first boss, ace Madison Avenue PR man John Scott Fones, said he got some of his best ideas in the shower. (He ran a very clean business.)

If your ideas involve dreaming up websites, and you want to secure the domain name before someone else does, well, there’s an app for that -– and it has proven to be rather popular.


Scottsdale, Arizona-based, which claims to be “the world’s largest domain name registrar and top Web Hosting provider,” says its “Go Daddy’s Mobile App” just surpassed 500,000 downloads.

The firm says the Apple version of the app was recently selected as a Top 10 Free Application for Business by iTunes’ annual “Best Of” list, dubbed “Rewind 2010,” with a rating of more than four stars.  The app is also available for Android and Blackberry devices, Go Daddy said.

Users can employ the Mobile App to “purchase and manage an array of Go Daddy products, check e-mail, renew products and receive alerts about soon-to-expire products. The app also enables users to store and switch between multiple customer accounts, perform domain bulk searches, as well as store and review their search history,” an announcement stated.

The app includes the ability to directly create a help ticket or call Go Daddy’s customer support, the firm said.

Go Daddy said it plans to expand the application to include numerous Web hosting management tools as well. More information on the application can be found online at

Disclosure: I’ve been a paying customer of for many years, principally to host my personal website,