The Washington Times - January 11, 2012, 02:22PM

British Internet provider Virgin Media is to raise Internet speeds over the next year. How many American companies will boost their subscriber’s provisioning?

Not everything is perfect over in England, of course, but Internet speeds are improving. Andrew Ferguson, editor of British website, said this about news from service provider Virgin Media:


“Today’s news that Virgin Media is to double most of its customers speeds, and increase its fastest product from 100 Mbps (Mega bits per second) to 120 Mbps reflects a history of the company progressively increasing speeds. Once the 18 month program is complete, it means that around a quarter of Virgin Media customers will be meeting the basic speed requirement of 30 Mbps which is an EU target for 2020, many years ahead of time. Thus the news is good for UK broadband as a whole and should highlight that the UK is not the internet backwater sometimes it is portrayed as. Most important for consumers the upgrades are free, and with investment in the core network will ensure that families can all be online at the same time, watching video on demand from the wide variety of sources now available in the UK, and with the improved upload speeds the ability to generate content and be an active part of the Internet increases.”

As Mr. Ferguson notes, “the upgrades are free.” My monthly FiOS bill tells me that getting super-fast speed, though welcome, isn’t cheap. We can only hope things will improve this side of the pond.

Besides, now Britain has other things to worry about, including assisting Pippa Middleton with her public image, it seems.