The Washington Times - March 7, 2012, 03:39PM

Apple’s new iPad, announced March 7, sure looks like a winner. The resolution outstrips HD television screens, the data radio will let you access 4G LTE wireless services (subscription required) and we’ve got Siri and dictation, along with a new version of iPhoto.

Sounds good to me, and well worth the price. I’m ordering one, and I’ll let you know how I like it, via the “On Computers” column. Online pre-ordering for the device is now available, and three of my friends sent messages to me this evening saying they’d ordered one — or more.


As I said, I’ll have more in the column when I get my hands on one. Right now, one of the most significant things is Apple saying they sold more iPads last year than any PC maker sold PCs. If the old desktop/laptop computer is going the way of the dodo, this may be the first real sign.

Here’s a clip of what I told FOX5-DC’s Shawn Yancey about the new iPad:

Apple Unveils ‘New iPad’ with Sharper Screen: