The Washington Times - August 26, 2008, 07:56PM

Go, Granny, Go
Traveling with The Creative Coalition to a list of Hollywood events yesterday was 94-year-old Ann Deschanel, grandmother of actress Zoey Deschanel.
Mrs. Deschanel - called “Granny,” by Zoey Deschanel - mingled with TV and movie stars such as “Desperate Housewive’s” Dana Delany, director Spike Lee and actress Ellen Burstyn at a lunch in Denver yesterday. But she is really tagging along because she is a lifelong Democrat and big Barack Obama supporter.
“I’ve been a supporter of his ever since he announced his candidacy for president,” sais Mrs. Deschanel, who lives nearby in Boulder.
I just play a White House staffer
Actor Richard Schiff portrayed White House communications director Toby Ziegler on TV’s “The West Wing” for seven seasons.
Mr. Schiff is here in Denver as part of The Creative Coalition, the nonpartisan Hollywood organization and also stumped for Joe Biden when he was a presidential candidate early in this election cycle.
Mr. Schiff says politics for real is much harder than pretend politics.
“In politics for real, you get one take,” he said. “It is a live deal. “When you are on the set, you can do it over again. Also, on “The West Wing,” I had consultants and great writers.”
Mr. Schiff said Tuesday he tried to learn about the issues his character was scripted to discuss. There was a story arc that featured the fictional White House’s plans to save Social Security.
“I later got a letter saying ‘Thanks for the effort, but here is why it won’t work, ” said Mr. Schiff. “It was signed Hillary Rodham Clinton. I sent a note back saying she could do it better than I did.”

— By Karen Goldberg Goff, The Washington Times