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These are bookmarks.


As I was buying some chocolate at the airport today, I spotted, of all people, Lou Dobbs peeking out at me from behind a copy of People magazine.


The clerk laughed along with me, informed me the bookmarks were free and made sure I had the whole set of the CNN top dogs: Anderson Cooper, Dobbs, Kiran Chetry, Wolf Blitzer and Larry King.


The lineup covers everyone the network has featured here, but not Campbell Brown or John Roberts.


I’m bummed that Sanjay Gupta, Jack Cafferty and Jeanne Moos weren’t included.


The bookmarks are distributed by Hudson News Booksellers with a note on the back bearing the network’s signature “CNN = Politics.”


The note also did not offer an explanation for why a certain height-challenged anchor wrongly appears to be the same size as his colleagues.


While I’m on the topic of what’s for sale in airports, where I have spent hours and hours of my life this year:



These bobbleheads are for sale at Reagan National - but it took a while for the airport to get with the program, as you can see from this shot I took back in April:



Yes, that’s Rudy Giuliani.


As I noted back when I took that shot in the spring, DCA didn’t have any McCain gear.


Now they finally have both tickets, and Palin has her own shirt while Biden doesn’t. This (blurry, sorry) shot is from Saturday:



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