The Washington Times - September 22, 2008, 06:57PM

Sen. Hillary Clinton is pushing a new “Hillary Sent Me” program to rally for her onetime rival Sen. Barack Obama as well as for Senate and House candidate across the country.



She recorded a personal appeal to supporters (listen here) and tells them the Obama-Biden ticket and downticket Democrats “need you to enlist in their efforts today.”


She sends supporters to her HillPac Web site to “learn where you’re needed most.”


She closes with: “So let me ask you - Are you ready to go to work? Because I know I am.”


Obama can use her help — a new poll of women voters conducted by Lifetime Networks showed that 23 percent of Clinton supporters still say they will vote for Sen. John McCain.


The poll also indicated McCain has gained 24 percentage points since July on the question of “who best understands women,” though Obama still leads with 44 percent.


The Democratic ticket still leads among female voters 47 to 45.


Michelle Obama earned the most votes (29 percent) as the best role model for young girls, with Sarah Palin close behind at 28 percent.


Speaking of the First Lady hopeful, Michelle has a packed schedule this week.


She had three events for the “Women’s Week of Action” in Wisconsin today, and has two Pennsylvania events planned for Wednesday with Jill Biden.


After attending the first debate Friday, Michelle will hit the trail with Jill again Saturday for a rally in Tallahassee.


She also recorded this video for supporters:





In it, she urges supporters to meet up for debate watch parties Friday and says “many Americans still don’t know about Barack” and his policy proposals.


“They also don’t know that John McCain shares many of George Bush’s views,” she said, urging supporters to host parties and “reach out to folks who are undecided.”


Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter,
The Washington Times


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