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Only at The Washington Times: Reporters discuss the latest news from the 2008 Presidential Election.

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Huckabee hails the "hockey mom"

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee this morning extolled the virtues of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and lobbed a few potshots in the direction of the Democratic presidential ticket.

Travel represented at RNC

Among the groups hosting events parties and receptions this week is the Travel Industry Association, which just four years ago didn’t have any presence at the political conventions.

Jim Gilmore gets to work

The former Virginia governor and current U.S. Senate candidate has had a schedule packed with interviews and meetings with donors, hoping to build momentum for his race against fellow former state Gov. Mark Warner.

Babe and 'baby'

The controversy swirling around CNN's Campbell Brown's on-air "takedown" this week of John McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds centers on the interviewer's relentless pursuit of answers surrounding Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience.