The Washington Times - November 4, 2008, 12:38PM

The newsroom budget crunch takes a bite out of the traditional Election Night pizza feed?

The Poynter Online blog, which follows the newspaper industry, just posted this memo from Susan Spring, the director of Newsroom Operations at the Raleigh News & Observer


I want to remind you that pizza will be provided tomorrow night ONLY for those working on elections. Please be polite. If you are working elections, you may have up to TWO slices. Thank you in advance for being considerate. 

But wait: Don’t shed a tear for the ink-stained and pepperoni-deprived in Raleigh. The Observer’s executive editor, John Drescher, reversed the earlier ruling: No two-slice minimum, and anyone working on Election Night can have a few slices — though he did caution: 

(if Susan Spring chases you with a knife in her hand, you are on your own)

— Christopher Shaver, intern, The Washington Times