The Washington Times - October 13, 2009, 03:15PM

Former four-term Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad, filed papers last week initiating what appears to be a run for Governor in 2010.  The newly formed Branstad campaign committee says the move is exploritory, not definite, adding Branstad has yet to make up his mind on a run.  But as top state Republicans already join the campaign, Brandstad’s candidacy seems all but solidified. 

Iowa bloggers comment on how the GOP gubernatorial primary race has changed:


Sioux City Journal: Iowa GOP leader says Branstad best choice to carry GOP.

O.Kay Henderson interviews Branstad staff about campaign’s hiring of Jeff Boeyink.

Iowa Politics Insider:

“Cook Political Report changed the Iowa governor’s race rating from slightly favoring incumbent Democrat Chet Culver to toss-up status…in light of former Gov. Terry Branstad’s formation of a campaign organization…”

Branstad decision stirs debate inside GOP.

How Branstad move affects other candidates.

Democrat ads already attacking Branstad.

Bleeding Heartland:Early Republican reaction to Branstad’s move

The Conservative Reader: Iowa, says Branstad must be in now.

“For all of the other candidates for Governor, I think the time has come to acknowledge that Branstad is in the race, despite Schwarm’s comments about the campaign being “exploratory”.  For some, that might mean cutting off the campaign and for others it means being more direct in speaking about Branstad’s record and ability to beat Culver.  Either way, the elephant in the room should be visible now.”

Draft Branstad PAC accomplishes mission

Draft Branstad PAC “ignores Iowa election law”

Iowa Defense Alliance:

“Before Brandstad’s entry into the race for Governor there was one clear overwhelming favorite to win the GOP nomination, Bob Vander Plaats. There is only one reason why Branstad has entered the race for Governor and that is the establishment fears the true Conservative and voice of the people in the Hawkeye state? Why else would they drag a former four-term Governor out of retirement?”

Newton Independent: Branstad makes Culver look good

Branstad off to a rough start?

Democratic leaders enabled Branstad’s big money haul

Quote of the Day:

“In terms of being out of the game too long, that’s probably a bonus for Branstad, not a hindrance. Sure, Branstad’s been out of office for a number of years, but he has kept his finger on the pulse of what is going on in the state better than most.”
-The Iowa Republican