The Washington Times - October 8, 2009, 06:57PM

The New Jersey gubernatorial race between incumbent Jon Corzine and GOP candidate Chris Cristie is too close to call three weeks before election day.  Polls show both candidates in lockstep and rhetoric is revving up on both sides.

New Jersey bloggers offer poll updates, commentary, and campaign news.


One Dem poll has Christie ahead by 5, another Dem poll has Corzine up by 3.

Childish Corzine ad pokes fun of Christie’s weight.

“I guess when your entire record as Governor of the most taxed state in the country with the third worst financial problems, you make the campaign about…your opponents weight.” - New Jersey Tax Revolution

Today’s News NJ: How Corzine caught up to Christie with mammogram rhetoric.

The Save Jersey Blog: Corzine mammogram attacks fly in the face of ObamaCare.

The Save Jersey Blog: Corzine campaign shows sign of future democrat propaganda.

Dan Cirucci: Corzine’s Job Mess

Christie “Wins” On The Line: Decision 2009 “Debate”

Does Christie Finally Have a Winning Property Tax Message?

In the Lobby:

“As the race for Governor enters its final few weeks, Chris Christie must make a strategic decision that could determine the outcome of the election.

“Should the GOP candidate put forth a detailed economic plan that addresses property taxes and other fiscal issues? Or should he continue to speak only in broad generalities and quick sound bites? Had Christie maintained his double-digit lead in the polls, the decision would have been a no-brainer. Why risk getting into details when you’re riding high and it looks like you have a clear road to the State House?

The Save Jersey Blog:

“It’s time for the Christie campaign to come out with a tv ad with one message:  Corzine has no plan to fix New Jersey. Does he deserve another 4 years?”

Blue Jersey:
The Corzine campaign wants to make sure you’ve seen Chris Christie’s dumb stunt mocking pre-Kindergarten as “babysitting.” In fact, the campaign is banking that it will piss you off so much that you’ll jump to their nicely-done website and start voting right now.

Campaign cash and spending:

PolitickerNJ:Pundit says Corzine can’t spend enough to make voters like him, but can spend enough to make them not like Christie

“Gov. Jon Corzine is outspending his Republican opponent by a 3-1 margin in his bid for re-election to a second term, but he’s still spending less than he did when he ran four years ago.”

Christie: $4.2 Million Cash On Hand

Corzine drops $130 million personal cash for own campaigns

Clearys Notebook: Gov. Jon Corzine is far outspending challenger Chris Christie


Key environmental groups backs Christie.

Biden stumps for Corzine.

Middletown Mike: Dem Women: Kyl, McDonnel and Christie Are ‘Backward’

Environmental Protection Commissioner helps Corzine?

Today’s News NJ:

“Can Barack Obama save Jon Corzine in New Jersey?

“As Nate wrote a couple days ago, evidence of a Corzine comeback is mixed. And there is mounting evidence that Corzine knows that perhaps only with Obama’s help can he stagger across the finish line ahead of Republican candidate Chris Christie—namely, the mounting of billboard signs around the state juxtaposing the two men’s names.”

Quote of the Day:
“Hoping to take the lead over Christie, Governor Corzine took his case to court where he filed papers to change his name to Jonnie Obama.”
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