The Washington Times - December 19, 2013, 09:59AM

We already know the “2013 Lie of the Year” as determined by Politifact, the fact checking watchdog. It was If you like your healthcare plan then you can keep it,” uttered by President Obama on numerous occasions in recent months.

Now we must address the “2013 Worst Quotes of the Year” as determined by the intrepid press monitors at the Media Research Center. And the winner is (drum roll please):


MSNBC host Martin Bashir. who resigned from the network after his very questionable on-camera rant aimed at former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

The runner-up is also an MSNBC host - Ed Schultz, who raved about the glories of, the Obamacare sign-up site that was so fraught with problems.

“This is a great guide, if I may say, for any of you out there who feel so confused by all of these right-wing commercials that are just permeating through your television screen,” Mr. Schultz told his audience.

In third place is New York Times columnist Tom Friedman who made “a baffling claim that the Boston Marathon bombing could have been prevented with the carbon tax”, the watchdog says.

“After whistling past the IRS, Benghazi, and NSA scandals, Barack Obama’s press corps of cult-like devotees marched face first into the rancid mess of ObamaCare- a rat’s nest of lies and incompetence so big and so rank that even the president’s loyal media cheer squad couldn’t hide its cloud of toxic stink,” declares Brent Bozell, founder of the center.

Among the judges behind the determinations: columnist Cal Thomas, Wall Street Journal editorial board member James Taranto, nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin, and Fox News analyst Monica Crowley.