The Washington Times - February 28, 2013, 10:45AM

More than 2 million viewers have watched an online video of Dr. Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast three weeks ago before an audience that included President Obama. The speech - a straightforward look at the moral and economic state of America - was meant to “please God,” the physician has said in the aftermath.

He also revealed that the White House requested an advance copy beforehand. But there was no copy to give. Dr. Carson did not use written text or Teleprompter in his delivery, only Biblical text.


Dr. Carson will speak at CPAC in mid-March, and there are calls from the public, not to mention The Wall Street Journal, for the pediatric neurosurgeon to consider a run for president. Asked by ABC News if he’d comply, and the doctor simply replied, “That’s not my intention, but I always say, I’ll leave that to God.”

In the meantime, he still has questions for the nation.

“The dangers that face our nation today are every bit as great as those we have faced in the past. The question is whether we have lost our capacity to endure hardship and sacrifice for future generations,” Dr. Carson said in a post to his new Facebook page.

“We face a national budgetary crisis that threatens to rip our country apart and destroy our way of life, yet many concern themselves only with the governmental benefits they might lose. I hope that we can reawaken the spirit of greatness that created the wealthiest, most compassionate, freest nation the world has ever seen,” he concluded.

Dr. Carson’s 28-minute speech at the Feb. 7 prayer breakfast, carried by C-SPAN, can be found here: