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Video: LaRouche Pac arrives at Moran town hall

The Washington Times spoke with LaRouche Pac members at Congressman Jim Moran's (D- Va.) town hall in Reston last night.  Refusing to speak with the me at first, a LaRouche Pac member fled.  However, I caught up with the rest of the group to continue the chat about their affiliation.

Audio: Yes! Obama's suburban astroturfing-inside an OFA meeting

Obama supporters gathered in Fairfax, Virgnia last night and met with an Organizing For America (OFA) representative at a local library to talk shop and brainstorm about how to help President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats pass health care reform.  If there is any doubt the Obama administration is not in campaign mode, the OFA listening tour puts that notion to rest.  

Audio flashback : CIA probe was always part of the Obama agenda

It is amusing to see media outlets display shock over the Obama Justice Department's announcement regarding an appointment of a prosecutor to probe CIA interrogation tactics.  Back in 2008, I blogged at Newsbusters that Mr. Obama told a radio interviewer in 2007 that his Attorney General would investigate Bush executive orders.

MSNBC's editing of the truth

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer thought she was commenting on a controversy involving a town hall protester in Arizona who brought a fire arm with him to a rally outside a town hall meeting, while the President spoke to an audience inside to attendees.

Video: Toomey campaign shows Specter 1994 v. Specter 2009

Senator Arlen Specter's (D-PA) town hall video featuring attendees raising their voices at him over the democratic health care reform agenda which showed the Senator from Pennsylvania's full 180 on the the health care issue since he spoke out against "Hillary-Care" in 1994 when he was a member of the Republican party. 

Video - Rep. Massa: What Grassley said the other day was an act of treason

 Mr. Massa addressed other issues during his talk with progressive online activists.  He commented that a statement made by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) last week was an “act of treason.”  Mr. Grassley recently made waves after that there should not be a government healthcare plan that would “pull the plug on granny.”

The banana republic of America in Hillary Clinton's head

Even after winning the Senate, the House, and the White House, the Democrats still cannot accept that Al Gore lost to George W. Bush 2000.  In this clip, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brought up some sour grapes of her own after comparing the American democracy to Nigeria's corrupt system.