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Who is Kalpen Modi?

Before entering the White House Office of Public Engagement, Kalpen Modi was better known to many Americans as Hollywood actor Kal Penn.

Video: Reagan's 1988 Q and A with junior high school students

Those defending President Obama's controversial address to school students this week are pointing out that past U.S. presidents like George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush,  and Ronald Reagan also spoke to school children during their presidencies as well.  In 1988 Mr. Reagan not only spoke to jr. high school students but also answered their questions.

NY Times: Justice Stevens stepping down?

Conservatives may find themselves geared up for another Supreme Court fight sooner than they thought.  The New York Times along with Paul Mirengoff at Powerline are both speculating that the eighty-nine year-old Justice Paul Stevens may be thinking of retiring from the high court soon.

Video: Tucson town hall pro-Obama care attendee gets violent

During a health care Tea Party town hall in Tucson, Arizona yesterday, a proponent of Obama's health care plan arrived with a sign promoting his stance.  When another attendee stood up to tell the sign holding Obama care supporter something, the pro-healthcare reform protester elbowed the other attendee in the face.

Audio Flashback: Eric Holder advocated for internet censorship

It is important to look back at some statements President Obama's top enforcer in his administration made back in the days of the Clinton administration.  Attorney General Eric Holder was known as Deputy Attorney General Holder in April of 1999, when the Columbine High School massacre shocked the country

Audio - Right and left call Obama agenda fascist

Top rated conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh called the Obama agenda today fascist.  During a conversation with a caller who was critical of the Obama administration's stance on health care, Mr. Limbaugh responded to the caller's charge that the country will be "worse off under Obama and socialism."  Huffington Post writer and BBC reporter Greg Palast and previously made the same assertion on a radio show last week.