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Pelosi's visions of swastikas

Yesterday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)  made an accusation that town hall protesters are bringing swastikas to the political forums.  However, the Speaker of the House did not give any evidence that town hall attendees are indeed doing this.  

Online liberal activists strategize for town halls

Democratic congressmen may not be looking forward to the upcoming town halls in their own districts, but online liberal activists at the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground are already passing around ways to possibly triumph over the embarrassing you tube videos of government health care supporting politicians being confronted by average Americans.

Audio: Immigration authorities let illegals go

The Washington Times Editorial today: Politics on ICE - Immigration 'Enforcement' lets illegals go has revealed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is simply letting illegal aliens go after being transferred to their custody

Obama 'Joker' poster goes viral

The mysterious Joker poster with President Obama's face, and the word "socialism" beneath it, is popping up all over Los Angeles as well as blogs and Facebook sites. 

Video: Feinstein's office mobbed by the elderly

Politicians on the hill usually look forward to Summer recess, but for those lawmakers favoring healthcare reform, angry constituents are waiting for their Senators and Congressmen at scheduled town halls all over the nation.

Racism shrapnel hit Cambridge 911 caller

President Obama's response to Chicago journalist Lynn Sweet not only was a torpedo aimed at Sergeant James Crowley but also the then anonymous 911 caller who thought she was doing her neighbor, Professor Henry Louis Gates, a favor.  She was hit with some flying pieces of metal as well that evening.