The Washington Times - April 16, 2009, 06:48PM

By Greg Bennett

Legendary comic book store owner Greg Bennett provides a pair of recommendations for comic book lovers every week. Titles are either currently on specialty store shelves or shipping or in the near future. Fans can also click on the covers to appreciate the fine art.


Wolverine: Weapon X  from Marvel Publishing

Wolverine: Weapon X, No. 1, Marvel Publishing ($3.99)

Just in time for the movie, Jason Aaron brings us a new Wolverine series featuring cool dialogue and a lot of butt-kicking. Just how a Wolverine book should be. If you’re hankering for more cool Wolverine, Brian K. Vaughan’s Logan mini-series just came out in paperback. I love it when Vertigo guys write Marvel!

Showcase Presents: The Doom Patrol, Volume 1 from DC Comics

Showcase Presents: The Doom Patrol, Volume 1, trade paperback, DC Comics ($16.99)

A lot of people think that Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol was a weird updating of a semi-obscure DC Silver Age title. Wrong. It was a slightly weird updating of one of the weirdest (and coolest) Silver Age titles ever (and possibly the inspiration for the X-men). “Social outcasts Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and Robotman, led by wheelchair bound Dr. Niles Calder take on bizarre menaces including General Immortus, The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, and The Brotherhood of Evil made up of a brain (Brain), Monsieur Mallah (an intelligent gorilla), and Madame Rouge (woman of 1000 faces).” You can’t make this stuff up.

Greg Bennett is the Owner/Manager of Big Planet Comics, a chain of pop art specialty stores in the DC Metro area with locations in Georgetown, Bethesda, Vienna, & College Park.