The Washington Times - April 25, 2009, 09:34PM

By Greg Bennett

Legendary comic book store owner Greg Bennett provides a pair of recommendations for comic book lovers every week. Titles are either currently on specialty store shelves or shipping or in the near future. Fans can also click on the covers to appreciate the fine art.


Scalped: The Gravel in Your Guts, Volume 4 from Vertigo/DC Comics

Scalped: The Gravel in Your Guts, Volume 4, trade paperback, Vertigo/DC Comics ($14.99)

The hits keep on coming for Jason Aaron. His Wolverine and Ghost Rider comics are making him a household name, but he’s still writing the book that brought him to critics’ attention—Scalped. Grim and gritty (!), this tale of an undercover FBI agent trying to clean up corruption at the reservation where he grew up is still my favorite book every month. And if you use this trade to catch up, you too can be reading Scalped every month, as it comes out.

Viking, No. 1 from Images Comics

Viking, No. 1, Images Comics ($2.99)

Beautiful art, great package design, and a cool story make Viking #1 this week’s sleeper hit. If this is Image’s new direction, sign me up. The title tells you everything you need to know beyond that. Check it out!

Greg Bennett is the Owner/Manager of Big Planet Comics, a chain of pop art specialty stores in the DC Metro area with locations in Georgetown, Bethesda, Vienna, & College Park.