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Fearless reporting: Hard-hitting commentary and American values for 35 years ... and counting

Thirty-five years later, some would say the miracle is that The Washington Times has survived at all, let alone thrived both as a daily newspaper and — through — a powerful, conservative online presence, in an age when publications of the left, right and center have been falling by the wayside at an alarming rate.

Early renovation of a warehouse at 3600 New York Ave. into the main headquarters of The Washington Times newspapers.  (Exact date unknown.)

35th Anniversary: Creating 'America's Newspaper'

By David R. Sands - The Washington Times

Starting a newspaper "is worth doing, and we make our first public appearance with a heady sense that we can do it. Our confidence rests in part on the zest and skills of the staff we have recruited. Just as importantly, it rests on the need we find expressed all over Washington for a new perspective on local, national and world events." Published October 19, 2017

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Vote chads

35th Anniversary: An undecided vote

For its Nov. 8, 2000, publication, The Washington Times tore up its front page four times to report that the presidential election was too close to call, that George W. Bush had won, that Al Gore had won (in an unpublished edition) and that, finally, the presidential election was too close to call.

A man is detained by Border Patrol officials after breaching border fencing separating San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico, Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017, in San Diego. The man, who said he was from Chiapas, Mexico, was detained by agents as they prepared for a news conference to announce that contractors have begun building eight prototypes of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

35th Anniversary: A voice of reason on the border

The Washington Times devoted its pages to immigration coverage long before it was the raging national debate, giving policymakers in Washington and readers across the country an in-depth view of the conflict that has arisen between being a nation of immigrants and also a nation of laws.

President Bill Clinton

35th Anniversary: President Bill Clinton

The Washington Times distinguished itself in its coverage of Bill Clinton, even before he declared his presidential candidacy, by first reporting widespread accusations of marital infidelities by the then-governor in his home state of Arkansas.