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Free Iran Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom

"Free Iran Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom" is a Special Advertising Supplement to The Washington Times.

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Inspired by historic summit and solidarity

Dear friends, supporters, and attendees of the Free Iran Global Summit, please accept our warmest greetings from the Mojahedin-e Khalq in Ashraf 3, the epicenter of resistance and perseverance. Hello to all of you, who have joined us live in this historic summit from 30,000 connections around the world.

'Ruling criminals terrified of being overthrown'

Hello to you all, rebellious supporters of the Resistance across the world, and to our esteemed friends of the Iranian people and Resistance, supporters of democracy and human rights who have joined us from five continents in the world. Welcome to you all!

Regime fears 'formidable foe'

The people of Iran, through their protests starting in November 2019, and almost every day, have demonstrated their great desire for freedom, and have put their lives on the line by demonstrating.

Race to openness and prosperity

Thank you for allowing me to take just a moment to share my support for the leadership that you have shown, particularly Mrs. Rajavi has shown, in continuing to stand up to the dictatorship in Tehran, to stand for the right of the people of Iran to have a freely elected government of their own choice, and to have a chance at a better future, a prosperous future, a free and democratic future.

'Your enemy is our enemy'

I am really honored to be with you here today. I bring greetings from my wife Hadassah who was thrilled to be with me in Ashraf last year. And I must say it was humbling because, when we left, I was convinced that Hadassah was much more popular than I was. But she sends her love and her support to you.

'World stands united as never before'

First, a special recognition to some of the people I admire most, the point of the spear in the struggle for Iranian freedom, the residents of Ashraf, who also spend their every waking hour thinking about how to maneuver the Iranian people into a new, prosperous, and free future. We are now writing the last chapter in this struggle for freedom.

'Voices of freedom grow louder'

At the outset, I do want to recognize the leaders of Albania, several of whom who spoke previously. I've had the good fortune of knowing many of them.

All eyes on diplomat-terrorist trial

Mrs. Rajavi, conferees at this extraordinary record-setting conference, and residents of Ashraf 3, it's true that we are meeting and conferring in a virtual way, but make no mistake about it—the challenge and the threat that NCRI represents to the mullahs in Tehran isn't just virtual. It is actual.

'Achieving milestones toward a free Iran'

It is a great honor to be with you here today from Washington, D.C. The cry for liberty and our support for you, Madame Rajavi, and all of your colleagues, could not be stronger and could not be louder.

'Push the mullahs into the dustbin of history'

Hello, all my friends in Tirana in the new Ashraf. It is so good to be with you virtually. What a great inspiration you have all been in carrying on this message of freedom and hope because you have literally had to rebuild your culture and your home many times over after the bombings in Iraq by the Iranian puppets.

Efforts to demonize the MEK exposed

Thank you very much. Greetings to the members of the resistance and to Madame Rajavi. Congratulations on your amazing virtual rally on Friday. Thank you for including me in this event. I was asked nine years ago by a law firm to look at the MEK and study them and the NCRI.

Mullahs' 'days are numbered'

It's always a privilege to be part of this incredible annual gathering of freedom fighters. Each year, we come closer to our goal of a free Iran.

'False narrative' against MEK proves resistance's strides

It's so inspiring to see that not even the world's worst pandemic since 1918 has stopped you from assembling to remind the world that not only is there an organized and strong resistance to the clerical regime that rules Tehran today, but equally importantly, there is a government ready to take over tomorrow.

Iranian bravery shifts momentum: 'Wind at your back'

I'm honored to be with the National Council of Resistance of Iran and your exceptional, courageous leader Maryam Rajavi. I join my American colleagues and leaders around the world in fully supporting your resistance movement and your drive for a free Iran.

NCRI up, regime's economy down, Soleimani gone

Greetings to the patriots of Iran and their supporters from throughout the globe. The regime has had a tough year. The sanctions, unfortunate as they are for the good people of Iran, have had dire effect on the regime.

'Bright future' awaits Iran

It is a real pleasure and honor for me to bring greetings from Canada to the millions of people who share your struggle for freedom and democracy and promote human rights all across Iran.

'Your voice matters in the world'

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all here, and I would like to thank Maryam Radjavi for her words today, even if the circumstances are a little unique and there is a large distance between us.

Don't lower the flag on human rights

Yes, Madame President Rajavi, dear friends, in the history of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, July 17th will be special.

Regime 'wolfs down enormous budgets in the weapons and nuclear industries'

Like all the French deputies in the Parliamentary Committee for a Democratic Iran (CPID), I believe in a free Iran, a democratic Iran, a respected Iran, and an Iran, where finally, life will be good.

'Mullahs fear another widespread uprising'

The mullahs' regime in Iran is a dictatorship that rules through terror, and by denying the value of human life.

NCRI and MEK leadership unifies, 'opens way to democracy'

In the anti-regime protests in January this year, people were chanting, "Down with dictators, be it the Shah or the Supreme Leader." It could seem odd for outsiders to see Iranians bringing back today from the ashes of history the name of the Shah, simultaneously with the name of the leader of the today's dictatorship.

Accountability for suppression

It's an honor to participate in the Free Iran Global Summit, Iran rising up for freedom. I want to acknowledge the bravery and tenacity of Iranian freedom fighters as they stand up against one of the world's worst oppressive regimes, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

'None of these sacrifices are in vain'

To my dear friend Madame Rajavi and your team, to all of the followers of NCRI and MEK, it's a great pleasure to be with all of you and the thousands of people who have joined us today from around the globe.

Uniting against 'barbaric actions'

My dear friends, I cannot forget the fight that we have led since 2003. These meetings started a little after, and more or less every year, we have gathered to discuss the scandal of persecution against a certain number of people, including Maryam Radjavi, in France.

'Agenda of freedom, liberty, and economic change'

We have never lost sight of the importance of reaching across the oceans to unite with our friends around the world in the goal of changing the regime in Iran and ridding the people of Iran of the mullahs' awful military dictatorship.

'Ideology embraces terrorism as a tool of stagecraft'

Thank you very much for having me to speak to you today. First, let me compliment Mrs. Rajavi on that powerful address. It is also incredibly impressive the way that the organizers have brought together so many people from so many different locations in a very interconnected way.

Pandemic spotlights Mullahs' disregard for Iranian people

Thank you so much for the opportunity to join you today at this very important online conference in support of human rights, democracy, and freedom in Iran.

'Tehran is losing ground'

Allow me to begin by sending my regards to the people of Iran who are currently suffering under their regime, and express my solidarity with them as they are faced with a vicious crackdown, persecution, as they simply demand change in their country.

Path 'against monstrous tyranny' carved by legacy

It's a huge pleasure and privilege to be here today at this great annual gathering which this year is taking place both physically and virtually. People in 30,000 locations, in over 100 countries, all joined together to support freedom in Iran and Madame Rajavi's 10-point plan.

'Brave and bold' governments need to stand up to regime

Congratulations to Mrs. Rajavi and the NCRI for their effective exposure of the Iranian regime's dreadful ill-deeds. I'd like to congratulate the NCRI also on their clear representation of what an alternative democratic government would look like in Iran.

Regime 'tried and failed to kill the messenger'

It is a pleasure joining you on a virtual basis. Congratulations to Maryam Rajavi on her excellent speeches, and to all those who have attended this wonderful virtual conference.

Shutter embassies acting as terrorism 'launching pads'

President-elect Maryam Rajavi, the crimes that the Ayatollah's regime perpetrates against its own people, the starving of an entire nation for the purpose of eliminating opposition, the support to fanatic proxies to dominate and frighten the region, and the genocidal aggression and terrorism by IRGC, make Iran the number one worst terrorist state.

'Power is shifting to the Iranian people'

It's an honor to join so many prominent speakers at today's international summit to call for justice for the martyrs of the 1988 massacre.

Resistance 'shakes regime to its core'

Madame President, Maryam Rajavi, dear Iranian friends, honorable colleagues and distinguished personalities, it is a very great privilege to join you online for the Global Free Iran Summit.

'Pursue justice' over trade and politics

The pain of the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners remains in the heart of families because justice has not been achieved yet. It's time that we talk about the crimes committed by the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, like the 1988 massacre or the latest case of arbitrary arrests and carnage during last November's protests in almost 200 cities in Iran.

Overthrow 'policy of hatred'

Let me start by thanking the Albanian government, thanking the Albanian people, for their courage in playing host to the PMOI inside Albania. Thank you also for your decisive action against the terrorist Iranians in expelling their ambassador and first secretary. I would ask you now in one final thing, please close the embassy in Tirana and get rid of these agents of terror.

Congress supports freedom uprisings

What a privilege it is to speak to all of you as you continue to fight for a free Iran.

'My fellow servicemen and women's blood on [regime's] hands'

Congratulations to the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the Iranian American community of Arizona. I join you here from Arizona. For my background, I served 26 years in our Air Force.

'Glimmer of hope [for] safety, dignity and freedom'

Participants of the Free Iran Global Summit, I am glad to stand with the Iranian people and help shine a light on the voices working to expose the aggressiveness and abusiveness of the current Iranian regime.

No more 'silencing opponents [and] shackling free speech'

Let me start by saying how heartbreaking it is to see Iran in the midst of its second wave of coronavirus infections. For the Iranian people to fight against the pandemic, as well as coping with such an oppressive regime, is an incredible burden to bear.

Oppressive regime deserves sanctions

Friends, it's great to be with you today, united in the effort to support a free Iran. We need an Iran that supports the Iranian people, not one that supports the initiatives of tyrants, of radical Islam, and of clerics who don't value human rights or the dignity of human beings.

'Stand with the people of Iran in the years to come'

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Free Iran Global Summit — Iran Raising for Freedom to recognize the deteriorating human rights conditions throughout the country.

Nuclear weapons cannot be allowed

Friends and participants at the July 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, I support the efforts of the Iranian people to bring change and democracy to their country.

'You are part of our family'

Today, I stand before you not only as Albanian, I speak to you as a friend. I am here to speak for all those voices which cannot be heard: mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, and Albanian families.

'Resistance and struggle' leads to a 'better future'

It is an honor to address this event on behalf of the Democratic Party of Albania. We have and continue to remain committed to and in solidarity with the Iranian people's aspiration for freedom, democracy, and respect for fundamental human rights and liberties.

'Albanians stand for freedom, liberty, and a free Iran'

I am really honored to be one of the first Albanians, with some other friends, to support the transition from Ashraf to Albania. All political parties in Albania support MEK and Iranian resistance. Albanian political leaders are behind you and supporting you all.

Promise of future summit in Tehran

Honorable Madame President Rajavi, distinguished senior officials, parliamentarians, congressmen, senators, and prominent friends of the Iranian resistance, freedom fighters participating in the Free Iran Global Summit ...

Standing against 'fundamentalism in Albania and abroad'

It is an honor to be with you in this great conference as the vice chair of the Democratic Party of Albania. Iran, home to one of the oldest civilizations, today is facing a very critical moment of its history.

Admiration for 'Iranian women calling for change and democracy'

It's my pleasure to be with you at this very critical situation in Iran. The dictatorship in Iran fears the great uprising of November 2019, and the scenario of an escalation of the next uprising.

Cyberwarfare: Regime's next weapon

I am so honored to be a part of the agenda. I want to use my time to inform and engage you on the cyber domain and what actions we must all take on behalf of the citizens of Iran. We can change their future and the world's future and see a free Iran soon.

'No more appeasement of this Iranian regime'

The people of Iran deserve freedom, freedom from the oppression, the evil, and the tyranny of the mullahs.

Regime fears 'strength of [Resistance] ideas'

It is a real tribute to the organizational skills of the NCRI that we could pull together in the middle of a worldwide pandemic this kind of gathering to bring together old friends and new friends in support of freedom for the people of Iran.

Mullahs fear 'a tornado of public anger'

The Iranian regime's officials are warning about the coming of a great uprising; a tornado of public anger.

Iranian dissidents rally for regime change in Tehran

Iran's theocracy is at the weakest point of its four-decade history and facing unprecedented challenges from a courageous citizenry hungry for freedom, Iranian dissidents and prominent U.S. and European politicians said Friday at a major international rally calling for the downfall of the dictatorship in Tehran.

Q&A: National Council of Resistance of Iran President-elect Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the world's largest Iranian dissident organization, which seeks to replace Iran's theocratic regime with a democracy, provided the following exclusive answers to questions from The Washington Times.

'Regime falls from the bottom up'

Madame Maryam Rajavi, first of all, let me congratulate you on the remarkable historic achievement on Friday of the virtual conference that you held. It was well over 100 countries, over 30,000 locations, millions of people participated.

Firsthand account of Iran's 'profound destabilizing force'

Some of us in U.S. military have a unique perspective on Iran from our time in Iraq. As the coalition commander there, I saw firsthand how Iran used terror to foment and sustain the sectarian violence in 2005 and 2006.

'We must be agents of change'

We're all too familiar with the laundry lists of crimes against humanity, committed by the murderous regime in Iran, crimes of terror against their own citizens and others throughout the world.

Close 'spy network' embassies now

Thank you Madame Rajavi. Thank you for your leadership. History will record you as one of the people in all of human history who stood up for freedom.

'Noble combat' stirs European leaders

Dear friends of Free Iran, dear Iranian friends, dear members of Ashraf community, and first and foremost, dear Madame Maryam Rajavi, I would like to thank all of you once more for your leadership and inspiring all of us.

'Better world' with a free Iran

I'm so happy to be here this year, this night with you, from 30,000 locations, hundreds of parliamentarians, and many, many people from everywhere in the world.

Embargo should stand

While we are gathered here for the Free Iran Global Summit, the United Nations Security Council is discussing the possible lifting of the arms embargo from the United Nations against Iran.

'Greatness of Iran is still ahead'

I am proud and happy to stand with the millions of people of Iran, both in Iran and Iranians around the world who are fighting for democracy and freedom. The Iranian people deserve to have democracy and freedom. They deserve to live under a system of rule of law and the respect of fundamental human rights.

End religious persecution and human rights abuses

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to join this very significant summit again. It's a remarkable achievement, so well done.

'Bring meaningful democratic change'

It is an honor to join prominent speakers and parliamentarians for today's online summit in support of a free and democratic Iran.

'Equal opportunities for all'

Dear Mrs. Rajavi, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I send you my greetings and express my solidarity with the people of Iran who are fighting for freedom and democracy.

Regime mocks human rights laws

It is a great pleasure to be with you for this international online summit for a free and democratic Iran. I want to send my best wishes to Ashraf 3's residents in Albania and to the Iranian people.

Continue the 'sacred struggle'

I would like to express my support for the tens of thousands of Iranians who are participating in this large gathering for a free Iran from all over the world.

The light of hope in Iran

Recently, with Italian and Albanian mayors, we signed the declaration of support for the 10 key points of Maryam Radjavi, confirming the pact signed a year ago in Achraf with your mayor, rendering your city the twin of the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Wake-up call for international community

I would like to congratulate the NCRI, PMOI, and Madame Rajavi for the very successful global summit that was held two days ago with an amazing impact on everyone who heard the news inside and outside Iran. That summit was a good indication of strong internal roots of the Iran resistance movement, led by Mrs. Rajavi, as well as international support.

Role models in Ashraf 3

It's a human obligation to join the voices with the Iranian resistance and the people who fight for democracy, human rights, and a non-nuclear country.

'High time' for justice and solidarity

Dear friends, what a wonderful way to connect again despite the physical obstacles that are turning today's world upside down. How important that you have found this alternative way of once again bringing together the global community that wants to stand up for human rights and democracy in Iran.

United by 'faith in freedom, justice, democracy, and peace'

We come together once again to express our solidarity with the Iranian people and its noble resistance. I also greet our brothers and sisters in Ashraf 3 in Albania and the allies of the noble resistance of Iran.

Regime abandons its people in poverty to fund terror

We are struggling against the same enemy. We must reaffirm our commitment against the Iranian regime and its policy of hatred. The regime has consumed the resources of the people and abandoned them in poverty. They don't listen to the demands of the people. They employ terrorism to destroy the opposition.

Uprisings have 'staying power'

I hail all freedom lovers who are present at this summit today. On the eve of the anniversary of the National Council of Resistance of Iran's founding, the Iranian people, especially the impoverished and the massive army of laborers, have entered a new phase.

'The world must know [and] remember my tortures'

I was in solitary confinement for two years and 40 days in a disgusting complex called "residential unit," a complex set up by the regime to break the will of female Mojahedin-affiliated prisoners in Ghezel Hesar Prison.

'Life in prison as a child'

My father was executed during the 1988 massacre. My mother was a political activist. I was arrested with her twice and experienced life in prison as a child. I was only 6 during the second detention.

'Secrets buried with tortured bodies'

In 1979, I was a mechanical engineering student in Tabriz, but I was forced to drop out of school due to the clerical regime's persecution of Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) supporters. On July 23, 1981, I was arrested in Tabriz on charges of having links with the MEK. I was interrogated and tortured four times in six days.

'One must be ready to sacrifice'

My parents were supporters of the MEK who were arrested in 1982. Because my mother was pregnant with me, I was born in Evin Prison, where I grew up for 4 years. My uncle, a 19-year-old activist, was shot dead in the street in 1981, and I was named after him to keep his name alive.

'Dozens of Kurds are being executed by this regime'

The mullahs' regime has committed many crimes against the people of Iranian Kurdistan. Any action or civil rights activity is being branded as a security issue, and dozens of Kurds are being executed.

Break the silence on Iran's COVID-19 crisis

I am troubled by the extent of the coronavirus in Iran. The Iranian regime is not providing legitimate figures and states that deaths have not exceeded 11,000 people.

'Path of war, destruction, and violence' leads to 'humanitarian crisis'

The Houthi militia, supported by the Iranian regime, turned against the popular authority in our country, represented by President-elect President Abd Rabbuh Mansour al-Hadi, in September 2014, in an attempt to transfer the Iranian version to Yemen.

'Khomeini is synonymous with terrorism'

Our hopes were high during the Iranian revolution, and we expected that many things would change for the better from a fatal autocratic regime to a democratic system, public freedoms, a comfortable economy, and good relations with neighboring countries.

'Eradicate this deviant policy from its roots'

Let me extend my greetings and gratitude to the free people of Iran and to the National Council of Resistance and the combatant lady, Maryam Rajavi, and to the participants of today's program. On this occasion, I would like to speak about the continuation of the clear and impudent meddling of the Iranian regime, which is done aggressively in the region.

United to defeat expansionist policies

Brothers and sisters in the leadership of the Iranian resistance, fighters inside Iran and all over the world who are fighting to defeat the clerical dictatorship in Tehran, brothers and sisters participating in this gathering, dear sister and brave fighter Maryam Rajavi, greetings to you.

'Regime must not stay in power'

Iran has a long and proud history. But from the first day Khomeini came to power, he declared its intent to export its "revolution." This was not just a simple slogan; it has been implemented.

Najima Thay Thay - Former Minister of Education of Morocco

Call for Arab countries to support the Iranian Resistance

I salute the leader of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, and all the attendees at this conference from five continents. The turnout and engagement show that we are united against injustice.

Take crimes to courts

We all agree that the crime committed against political prisoners in Iran in 1988 is firmly established. It's well documented and all parties concerned have been informed.

Rajavi is a 'resolute and strong' leader

Iran is a great country. Its people have a great history. Regrettably, a reactionary, medieval regime is ruling it.

Day coming soon that 10-point plan is in effect

Madam Rajavi represents a hope for treasure, not only for freedom of Iran, but for the freedom of each Iranian individual.

Regime 'left innocent people of Iran undefended against pandemic'

Mrs. Rajavi, honorable guests, dear friends, it's an honor for me to participate in this event. I would like to express my full support and solidarity for the Iranian people's struggles and aspirations for freedom and democracy.

'Freedom and democracy will return to your country soon'

This grand gathering is an important meeting as all of you represent to the world how much the Iranian people are suffering and how much you are doing to help them, to help your country to be free.

Shared values of freedom and democracy

Greetings to all the Iranians in Iran and abroad. We are grateful that coronavirus did not prevent this event, especially at the time that Iranian resistance is closer to its final victory than ever.

'You are our brothers and sisters'

As a representative of the Iranian-Albanian Association, I would like to emphasize that there are thousands of Ashrafs in Albania. You have support not only in Albania, but the entire international community.

'The light of the truth can't be destroyed'

Some outlets try to hide the truth, but they can't do it because the light of the truth can't be destroyed. We declare our solidarity with you, support the brave actions of the Albanian government to support the Iranian Resistance, and condemn the terrorist activities of Iranian regime diplomats. These actions deserve the expelling of regime authorities from our country. I express my solidarity with this conference.

'We should not be silent'

The hatred against the members of the resistance and the MEK is manifested into criminal acts against those who oppose the regime. It must stop. We should not be silent, especially the human rights activists. We call on everyone to speak up. It is time to fight for true democracy in the world and in Iran.

'Quest for freedom in Iran'

I am thrilled to be the first person to say welcome to all members of opposition who live in Tirana.

'Mutual respect and understanding' in Ashraf 3

The extensive presence of international dignitaries in this gathering shows global attention to the Iranian Resistance. I also join to express my support for the Iranian people's struggle for freedom and democracy. We, in Albania, are hosting the Mojahedin-e Khalq, as is the Albanian tradition of opening our door to people whose lives are in danger.