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WILLIAMS: The digital age of liberty

There's a relatively new collection of essays making its way around Washington circles asking a provocative question that, I'm sure, many have acted out in their own personal lives yet never really pondered what it meant - a book titled "Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?" Published March 27, 2011

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WILLIAMS: King's dream a work in progress

When it comes to race relations, we of course would not be returning to the virtues of a golden era of racial understanding; rather, we are overcoming our past failings. Published March 20, 2011

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WILLIAMS: Principle over political expediency

Some startling revelations have come out of the fracas going on in Wisconsin over Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature facing off against public-sector unions, namely the teachers union. Published February 27, 2011

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WILLIAMS: The question about Wisconsin

Two points jump out at me as I watch the union protests in Wisconsin. First, the "new era of civility" is over, and second, union myrmidons continue to put their self-interests above the rest of the taxpayers and the nation. Published February 20, 2011

WILLIAMS: National anthem is more than a song

I've read (and maybe even said) some incendiary things through the years that were designed to elicit a response or stoke the ire of readers in order to initiate a frank conversation. But a recent piece by national columnist Kevin Blackistone makes even the seasoned political watcher cringe. Published February 13, 2011

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WILLIAMS: Pharaoh — Let my people go

Egypt looms largely in the Christian psyche. Many Christians, in their heart of hearts, associate Egypt today with the Egypt of biblical times: a bastion of corruption, idolatry and enslavement of Israelis, God's chosen people. Published February 8, 2011

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WILLIAMS: Playing chicken with the debt ceiling

While Congress prepares its budget for this year, threatening deep cuts to a $14 trillion debt, the first real test of the GOP's fiscal constitution is shaping up to come in the form of whether to raise the debt ceiling. Published January 30, 2011

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WILLIAMS: Austerity new reality of '11

As we enter this second decade of the 21st century, it is time for the United States to embark on a new path. Call it the Reality of Austerity. Published January 9, 2011

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WILLIAMS: Foretelling the future

The science of foretelling was apparently revered by the ancients. But in most of the Western world, fortune telling has lost its potency — that is, unless the fortune teller happens to be a scientist, pollster or economist. Published January 2, 2011

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WILLIAMS: Time to end the coddling of N. Korea

A pattern is clearly forming with the North Koreans, and it does not favor peace-loving nations around the world, most notably the United States and South Korea. Published December 12, 2010

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WILLIAMS: Deriding the middle

If there is one thing that we can count on from the immediate aftermath of an election, it is the annoying and unceasing bleating from the left about the intelligence of the electorate. Published December 5, 2010

WILLIAMS: Rangel should leave Congress on own terms

'Tis the holiday season - a time to reflect on all that we have been blessed with here in America. And with those blessings, also the great responsibilities bestowed upon us, each according to the role our Creator has endowed. That paragon of virtues, the U.S. House of Representatives, will return to complete its unfinished business soon. Published November 28, 2010

WILLIAMS: The U.S. looming trade war with China

When times were good, it was easy for America to overlook the effects of China's currency manipulation. U.S. unemployment hovered around 5 percent, and growth averaged about the same. Published November 14, 2010