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WILLIAMS: Philosophical gap on health care

As Congress returns from its August recess, the political debate on health care reform revolves around four basic issues. First, how should the government provide health care for uninsured Americans? Second, how can reform reduce overall medical costs and improve health care? Third, who should pay for reform? Fourth, should there be a single-payer government health care option? Published September 9, 2009

WILLIAMS: Climate change — what’s in it for me?

Regular readers of The Washington Times are all too familiar with the back-and-forth debate between those who favor federal legislation to curb greenhouse-gas emissions and those who view the measure as one thing and one thing only: a monstrous job killer. Published September 2, 2009

WILLIAMS: North Korea is looming threat

The United States is threatened with a number of challenging military situations: Iran, and its recalcitrant regime; a muted, but not defeated, Hamas; an increasingly hot war in Afghanistan; and, of course, the North Koreans. Published August 19, 2009

WILLIAMS: Death tax confounding emerging ‘survivor’ class

While the Washington press corps was fixated recently on the latest developments surrounding President Obama's trillion-dollar co-pay in the guise of health care reform, followed by backyard beer swilling, Internal Revenue Service bean counters quietly went about their business. Published August 12, 2009

WILLIAMS: Britain’s stone-casting sinners

The corruption scandal during the spring that quickly engulfed Britain's Parliament and threatened to bring down Prime Minister Gordon Brown's short-lived Labor Party government is no longer a global headline news story. To some, it was merely a case of petty corruption gone on for far too long; for the jaded souls among us, the fact that politicians are on the take hardly comes as a surprise. But Britain's scandal has far reaching implications that extend way beyond its shores to a place close to home for Americans. Published August 5, 2009

WILLIAMS: The stalled economy

When the stimulus package was passed by Congress in February, President Obama assured Americans that this huge unfunded spending proposal was necessary to keep unemployment from rising and would restore growth to the recessionary economy. On July 11, President Obama said the stimulus package "worked as intended ... . The recovery plan was not designed to work over four months. It is designed to work over two years." (emphasis mine) Published July 22, 2009

WILLIAMS: ‘The untouchables’

The salacious details surrounding the admitted affairs of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. John Ensign of Nevada may have fallen from the front pages of Washington and global newspapers, but they symbolize a decadent culture that cries out for chastisement or repudiation. Published July 8, 2009

WILLIAMS: Goodbye, Michael

Many of us grew up as huge fans and were consistently affected by his music and persona for much of our lives. Published July 1, 2009

WILLIAMS: ‘Party of No’ can stymie bad ideas

In recent months, Democrats too often refer to the Republican Party as the "Party of No"; especially no ideas. This sobriquet became the mantra of Democrats after the Republican members of Congress said "no" to the $750 billion unfunded stimulus package. Published June 24, 2009

WILLIAMS: A critical role for fathers

The celebration of Father's Day allows our nation a moment to pause and reflect on the memories and experiences of childhood and fatherhood alike. Published June 17, 2009

WILLIAMS: Abandonment of Israel

President Obama has developed a reputation for speaking uncomfortable truths to audiences. As he journeys to Saudi Arabia, to jaw with the king to whom he bowed just a few weeks ago, and then to Egypt, where President Hosni Mubarak honors human rights more in the breach than in the observance, the president's devotion to truth over crowd-pleasing will be tested in Arabic. Published June 3, 2009

WILLIAMS: Better safe than free?

"Better Red than Dead:" That was the effete refrain of liberals at the height of the Cold War. In other words, if the United States were required to choose, it should ape communist tyranny rather than accept mortal risks in defense of freedom. Published May 27, 2009

WILLIAMS: Americans need financial primer

As quickly as a sense of optimism settled into the market, as witnessed in part by the surge in the stock market in April and the announcement of a few positive economic data points, the reality of our economy and the financial crisis is weighing on us once again. Published May 20, 2009

WILLIAMS: Exchange the past for the future

There was once a time in America when all the women were beautiful and the schoolchildren were above average. But now it seems that the middle-class ideal that once steadied our nation is a shrinking memory of the past. Published May 6, 2009