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Cheryl K. Chumley

Cheryl K. Chumley

Cheryl Chumley is online opinion editor for The Washington Times, the author of “The Devil in DC: Winning Back the Country From the Beast in Washington” and of "Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality," and a 2008-2009 Robert Novak journalism fellow with The Fund for American Studies. Email her at [email protected]. 

Articles by Cheryl K. Chumley

In this Sept. 24, 2011, file photo, George Soros speaks during a forum at the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

Trump accused of siding with George Soros on DACA

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has sent out a statement accusing President Donald Trump of siding with billionaire George Soros on DACA. This is probably not true. Published September 8, 2017

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017, at George Mason University Arlington, Va., campus. DeVos on declared that "the era of 'rule by letter' is over" as she announced plans to change the way colleges and university handle allegations of sexual violence on campus. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Betsy DeVos, like Trump, dinged for 'cruel' leadership

The left has found its newest talking point, and it's one that goes like this: All you Republicans are simply cruel and heartless -- vicious, even. That's what they're calling President Donald Trump, for DACA. That's what they're now saying about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Published September 8, 2017

The Capitol is seen at sunrise as Congress returns from the August recess to face work on immigration, the debt limit, funding the government, and help for victims of Hurricane Harvey, in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

D.C. diplomat's daughter gets immunity after stabbing of boy

A girl police say stabbed a boy at her D.C. school is going to escape criminal charges -- at least for the time being -- because she is the daughter of a diplomat and therefore, seen as exempt from normal U.S. laws. Published September 7, 2017

In this Oct. 9, 2016, file photo, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, right, speaks as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump listens during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. (Rick T. Wilking/Pool via AP) ** FILE **

Trump still beats Hillary, any poll day of the week

A new survey from NBC/Wall Street Journal finds that -- and this is the yada, yada, yawn part -- President Donald Trump's popularity with the American people has hit a new low. But here's the part that actually means something: The same survey found voters still like Trump more than Hillary Clinton. Published September 7, 2017

FILE - In this April 6, 2017 file photo, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the Women in the World Summit in New York. Clinton takes the blame for her 2016 presidential defeat in her upcoming book but offers choice words for President Donald Trump, her campaign rivals and Russian President Vladimir Putin. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Hillary Clinton makes clear in new book: You're all to blame

Hillary Clinton, failed Democratic nominee for president, said in her new book -- the one that's aptly titled, "What Happened" -- that conceding the White House to Donald Trump was "one of the strangest" moments of her life. Published September 7, 2017

Protesters against President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program stand in the intersection on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017, in Kalamazoo, Mich. (Malachi Barrett/Kalamazoo Gazette-MLive Media Group via AP)

DACA is unconstitutional and Obama's the 'cruel' one

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, DACA, came into being on the wings of an unconstitutional act. That's the core theme here -- not that President Donald Trump is cruel. Published September 7, 2017

In this Aug. 26, 2015 photo, A cross with a sign "Be Offended" sits in the yard of Jim Presley in Knoxville, Iowa. A group says a veterans memorial in a Knoxville city park that shows a plywood cutout of a soldier kneeling next to a cross amounts to a government endorsement of Christianity.  (Bryon Houlgrave/The Des Moines Register via AP)  MAGS OUT, TV OUT, NO SALES, MANDATORY CREDIT

White Christians, the dwindling population

A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute finds that the number of white Americans who self-identify as Christian has fallen below the 50 percent line. Published September 6, 2017

Seattle Storm fans and others cheer at a rally in support of Planned Parenthood before a WNBA basketball game between the Storm and the Chicago Sky on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) ** FILE **

'Goonies' actress bragging of 'best' abortion reveals deep, dark heart of left

Liberals like to say law-and-order Republicans who want to control border incursions and turn back illegals from America are cruel and heartless, haters of humankind. But they'll cheer this -- the bragging of an actress who commends Seattle for providing her the "best" abortion ever? Published September 6, 2017

Supporters of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, leave San Marco Park as they march in Irvine, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017. Almost 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children or overstayed their visas could see their lives upended after the Trump administration announced Tuesday it is ending the Obama-era program that protected them from deportation. (Mark Rightmire/The Orange County Register via AP)

Michael Reagan: My dad wouldn't 'kick the dreamers out'

Michael Reagan tweeted: "Fyi, my father would not kick the dreamers out of the US. He would find a way to work with Congress and lead." And now Reagan's tweet, taken out of context of several others he put out on social media, can be used to feed the narrative of the left, which wants to paint Trump as the cowboy who's riding into Illegal Town to lasso some cowering kids. Published September 6, 2017

In this publicity image released by Rocky Mountain Pictures, director Dinesh D'Souza, interviews George Obama in his film, "2016: Obama's America." (AP Photo/Rocky Mountain Pictures, File)

Regnery's New York Times shot heard 'round the publishing world

Regnery, the nation's premier publisher of conservative books, has cut ties with The New York Times over long-simmering allegations the newspaper took a decided left-leaning slant in picking which books to feature on its best-seller lists. Published September 5, 2017

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump leave after attending services at St. John's Church in Washington, Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017. The president last week named today a National Day of Prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

New York Times seeks readers who've stopped 'supporting Trump'

The New York Times has a new feature on its opinion pages, and it's one that goes like this: "Did You Stop Supporting Trump? We Would Like to Hear From You." Funny, but if memory serves, the newspaper didn't put out a call to such masses when Barack Obama was president. Published September 5, 2017

In this Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, photo, nurse Alex Wubbels displays video frame grabs from SaltLake City Police Department body cams of herself being taken into custody, during an interview, in Salt Lake City. Officials at University of Utah Hospital where Wubbels was arrested after refusing to allow police to draw a patient's blood are apologizing that security officers didn't intervene and saying they've implemented policy changes. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Utah nurse vs. cop shows dangers of militarized police

A standoff between a Utah nurse and a local detective shows the slippery slope of awarding police departments military cast-off equipment -- and the aggressive mindset that can result. Published September 5, 2017

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a fundraiser for the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel in Baltimore, June 5, 2017. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) ** FILE **

Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham: Standing tall together for DACA

President Donald Trump is expected to put a halt to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but only after allowing Congress six months to create a replacement. And now RINOs are tripping all over themselves to join forces with the Democrats to save young illegals from deportation. Published September 5, 2017

President Donald Trump points as he walks from Marine One across the South Lawn to the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017, as he returns from Springfield, Mo. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Donald Trump's poll showing: Candid, but non-'presidential' -- but that's all good

President Donald Trump, according to a new poll from Fox News, gets high marks when it comes to speaking his mind, decent marks for competency, and not-so-great marks for displaying a "presidential" manner. This is good news. Simply put: Who cares if America's top leader is perceived as cooperative and -- worse -- nice? Published September 2, 2017

Trump, amid whispers of 'hard time' with John Kelly, tweets only praise

President Donald Trump, according to various media reports -- which, to be fair, always paint this White House as a stumbling block of inefficiency, infighting and chaos -- is having a tough time adjusting to his Chief of Staff John Kelly's way of doing business. Is this the media's way of suggesting Trump's about to fire another? Published September 1, 2017