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Cheryl K. Chumley

Cheryl K. Chumley

Cheryl Chumley is online opinion editor for The Washington Times, the author of “The Devil in DC: Winning Back the Country From the Beast in Washington” and of "Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality," and a 2008-2009 Robert Novak journalism fellow with The Fund for American Studies. Email her at [email protected]. 

Articles by Cheryl K. Chumley

President Trump won the White House by identifying and turning out disaffected voters, tapping social media, and picking feuds with Republicans, Democrats and others who he felt had wronged him. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

NAACP, like a rapist blames a victim, finger-points at Trump

The interim president and CEO of the NAACP, Derrick Johnson, said in a speech at the National Press Club that Americans could bank on the fact that more Charlottesville protests were a'coming, and a'coming fast -- and it's all President Donald Trump's fault. The logic strikes as eerily similar to a rapist's defense -- to blame the victim. Published August 30, 2017

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner smiles while surrounded by law enforcement officials and immigrant rights activists in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, after signing legislation that will limit how local and state police can cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The narrow measure prohibits police from searching, arresting or detaining someone solely because of immigration status, or because of so-called federal immigration detainers. (Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

Bruce Rauner, betrayer of the Illinois GOP

There used to be a time when Republicans stood for certain non-negotiables -- free markets, lower taxes, limited governments and yes, law and order at the borders. Then came Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner. Published August 29, 2017

A cyclist is framed between the trees during an afternoon ride along the Santa Ana River Trail in Anaheim, Calif., on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017. (Mark Rightmire/The Orange County Register via AP)

Counterterrorism, Italy-style: Fewer barricades, more pretty trees

One of Italy's foremost architects, Stefano Boeri, has offered up a possible solution for the government to fend off Islamic terror attacks -- and it goes like this: Fewer cement barricades. More flower pots and trees. Why? Because frankly, Boeri asserts, fighting terror doesn't have to be aesthetically offensive. Published August 29, 2017

Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Trump, was a counterterrorism adviser. (Associated Press via The Washington Free Beacon) ** FILE **

Sebastian Gorka's right: Dear Trump, don't be an Obama on Islamic terror

Sebastian Gorka's resignation letter to President Donald Trump, printed in full by Breitbart, was a blunt call for a White House return to the Make America Great Again principles that ushered in this administration in the first place. And forefront to that MAGA message is to call out Islamic terrorism as -- well, Islamic terrorism. Published August 29, 2017

In this April 27, 2017, file photo, the Rev. Al Sharpton points to Omarosa Manigault, assistant to President Donald Trump & director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, as he delivers his remarks during the Women's Power Luncheon of the 2017 National Action Network convention, in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Al Sharpton goes hypocritical to finger-wag America's 'moral trouble'

The Rev. Al Sharpton, a face of the far left who's been curiously quiet of late, has suddenly resurfaced in the public sphere to lead up a movement to -- what else -- bash President Donald Trump. That he did it by wagging fingers at the supposed moral decline of America is laughable. Published August 29, 2017

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, right, introduces White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller to speak during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Dems crow, post-Sebastian Gorka ouster: 'Two white nationalists down'

Democrats are having such a field day with President Donald Trump's administration -- winning, chip by chip, post-Charlottesville, a public relations battle that paints this White House in the most vulgar and ugliest of terms -- they're making a fundraising pitch off their success. Published August 28, 2017

Republicans, heal thyself: Time to bury the anti-Donald Trump hatchet

Note to Republicans: Quit the infighting. Halt the anti-Trump hate. Band together for the common good of conservatives and the country. The clock's ticking, elections are drawing near and voters -- remember the voters? -- are expecting great things. Published August 26, 2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told Pam Moore of San Francisco's KRON4 that an upcoming "Patriot Prayer" rally scheduled for Sept. 2 poses a threat to public safety. The National Park Service approved the group's request Aug. 23 on First Amendment grounds. (Image: KRON-4 screenshot) ** FILE **

Nancy Pelosi's dad helped dedicate Confederate monument

Turns out House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the same woman who rode the back of the Charlottesville bus to deem dozens of Capitol Hill statues as offensive and President Donald Trump, as racist, has a dad who -- get this -- actually helped dedicate a Confederate-tied statue. Published August 25, 2017

Trump coded kiss-off letter the work of childish left

What are we, 9? That's the question that pops to mind when discovering the coded message contained in Daniel Kammen's resignation letter to President Donald Trump -- a code that spells out the word "impeach." Published August 24, 2017

This Aug. 17, 2017 image from video shows a Confederate flag, right, displayed alongside an Israeli flag and a colonial-era American one in the seventh-floor windows of an apartment in the East Village neighborhood of New York. The flags had been there for over a year, and illuminated at night, but after an Aug. 12 white nationalist rally to preserve a Confederate statue in Charlottesville, Va., spiraled into violence the flags were met with hurled rocks, a punched-out window, a tarp hung over them and legal action before being removed. (PIX11 News via AP)

Charlottesville fallout: Confederate flag sales hike

A company that makes Confederate flags, Alabama Flag & Banner, reported an increase in sales post-Charlottesville -- post-leftist mayhem and madness over monuments and statues that tell our nation's history. Published August 24, 2017

Donald Trump's Phoenix speech fires up hate-filled media

President Donald Trump touched a media nerve in Arizona -- and how. Members of the supposed celebrated Fourth Estate tore into the president, post-Phoenix, adopting a "how dare he!" approach to deal with their bruised egos. Published August 24, 2017