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Ed Feulner

Ed Feulner

Articles by Ed Feulner

FEULNER: Helping today's students find the Founders

Even in the depths of the Great Depression, with the economy bottomed out, Americans showed they still could think big. In a little more than a year, construction crews built a landmark that still stands proud, recognized worldwide as a symbol of our country: the Empire State Building. Published February 18, 2010

FEULNER: Jobs we all pay for

Americans often wonder where all our tax money goes. Well, a good chunk finances a steadily growing government work force. State and local governments spent $1.1 trillion on employee wages and benefits in 2008. That's half of what those governments spent overall. Published February 2, 2010

FEULNER: No longer land of the 'free'

When future historians characterize this era, chances are they won't label it America's "golden age." Indeed, they may well mark 2010 as the year the United States became the home of the "mostly free." Published January 27, 2010

FEULNER: Tough call for tax help

Suppose you made 10 trips to the ATM, but it was out of order three of those times. Or that in 10 visits to a fast-food place, the milkshake machine was broken three times. Think you'd find a different bank and a better takeout restaurant? Published January 22, 2010

FEULNER: 'Let me rise' - School choice in D.C.

Name the speaker: "The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself in every way he can." No, not Des-cartes. Not Benjamin Franklin. Not even Mark Twain. It was a wise young man named Ronald, who attends school on an Opportunity Scholarship in Washington, D.C. Published January 13, 2010

A hand up, not a handout

For many of us, the holiday season means gathering with friends and family and celebrating with food and drink. Too much food, in many cases. Published December 23, 2009

No time to cut and run

Students of history know it's never a good policy to bet against the United States military. American warriors have a knack for turning the tide toward victory just when things look bleakest. Published September 18, 2009

Hurtling toward a train wreck

Nobody could have been happier to see August end than the liberals pushing government-run health care. The month, to put it mildly, was not kind to President Obama and his allies. Their worst nightmares were realized -- Americans examined the bills being proposed and turned out in great numbers to voice their opposition. Published September 3, 2009

FEULNER: Urgency vs. duty of Constitution

In business, the urgent often crowds out the important. It's important to have a long-term business plan. But it's urgent to make this week's payroll. ]]> Published June 3, 2009

FEULNER: How to save the system

Following the news from Washington has never been easy. But there's an added challenge today: the problem of large numbers. It's almost impossible for anyone to really grasp the idea of a billion, let alone a trillion. Even the experts get confused. Published May 26, 2009

FEULNER: A cure worse than the disease

Emily Morley got some very bad news in March 2006. Her cancer had spread, the doctor informed the 67-year-old Canadian. She would need to see an oncologist. Published May 8, 2009

FEULNER: CEObama, the car czar

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for - you just might get it. Just ask American carmakers. Published April 9, 2009

FEULNER: Shine a light on spending

Work in Washington long enough, and you're bound to agree with almost everyone at least once. Even socialists occasionally have good ideas. Published March 27, 2009

FEULNER: Preventing the return of $4 gas

You may have forgotten what you did on vacation last summer - but you probably remember how much it cost to fill your gas tank for the trip. Published March 4, 2009

FEULNER: Still awaiting open government

"Today does not mark the end of our economic troubles," President Barack Obama announced as he signed the so-called stimulus bill. "But it does mark the beginning of the end." Published February 27, 2009

FEULNER: Sham stimulus

If there's any good news from this recession, it may be that we've seen how Washington works. The picture is so ugly it may be enough to spark real reform in the years ahead. Published February 10, 2009

FEULNER: Two-step recovery plan

Shortly before Inauguration Day, President-elect Barack Obama refused to comment on Israel's battle with Hamas. The United States has only one president at a time, he said. Published January 28, 2009

FEULNER: The answer is freedom

A nation's economic situation can turn on a dime. For example, in November 2007 the Federal Reserve expected the U.S. economy to grow as much as 2.5 percent in 2008. In January, the Fed revised that forecast downward, a step it would take repeatedly throughout the year as gasoline prices soared and the housing market plunged. By fall, it was clear our economy was in trouble. Published January 18, 2009

FEULNER: Health care by committee

A camel, they say, is a horse designed by committee. To take the expression further, let's call it a committee of experts. After all, only "experts" could take something as graceful as a horse and replace it with something as difficult as a camel. And that brings us to health care. Published January 2, 2009

FEULNER: Bale up the bailouts

So much for checks and balances. It looks as if the Bush administration intends to spend billions of dollars bailing out the American automotive industry. That announcement came immediately after Congress - the branch of government that is constitutionally required to deal with spending measures - declined to intervene. Published December 26, 2008