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Ed Feulner

Ed Feulner

Articles by Ed Feulner

FEULNER: Civics lesson

Americans are about to get a civics lesson -- and not a moment too soon. Published December 21, 2008

FEULNER: Economic elixir - coded

Back in the 1990s President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair crafted what they called a "third way" of governing. Supposedly this approach would be neither liberal nor conservative, but would split the difference. Published December 18, 2008

FEULNER: Bankruptcy, not a bailout

It's getting downright painful to open any piece of mail from a brokerage or investment firm. Virtually every mutual fund in the country is down sharply, and investors have lost tens of billions of dollars in the last few weeks alone. Those who own stock in American carmakers have been pounded especially hard. Published November 28, 2008

FEULNER: Shun the 'stimulus'

It's the time between when the traffic light in front of you changes from red to green and the person behind you starts honking the horn. Published November 20, 2008

FEULNER: Conservatism vital signs

How fitting that, having campaigned on conservative themes throughout the fall, President-elect Barack Obama's acceptance speech concluded with words that should warm the heart of conservatives everywhere. Published November 7, 2008

FEULNER: Government dependency willl grow

Voters frequently complain that government functions poorly -- and with good reason. However, governments are good at one thing: making citizens dependent upon them. Published November 6, 2008

FEULNER: Fannie & Freddie's financial forensics

Two things should be clear to anyone trying to figure out the financial crisis. One is that we need to get to the bottom of what caused it and why. The second is that we can't rely on Congress to conduct such an investigation. Published October 26, 2008

FEULNER: Medicare forces an unhealthy choice

Can you imagine the government forcing you to take benefits you didn't want? How about a situation where you'd have to sue the government to get out of taking those benefits? Welcome to Washington - and the upside-down logic behind federal entitlements. Published October 23, 2008

FEULNER: California drilling

When it comes to energy, we're supposed to pick between a clean environment and affordable fuel. But what if we could have both? Published October 5, 2008

FEULNER: A free-market fix

Nobody has ever lost money by betting on the federal government to overreact to a crisis. And as Congress weighs a bailout of the financial markets, it looks as if that's where the smart money should go yet again. Published September 25, 2008

FEULNER: Defenses in a risky world

It's easy to get a bit complacent on the security front these days. We've gone seven years without a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and we're seeing progress in Iraq as well. But we still live in a dangerous world. Published September 19, 2008