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Greg Groesch

Greg Groesch is the art director of The Washington Times.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, the middle child of five, Greg's family moved to St. Louis when he was 11. He graduated from William Cullen McBride High School in 1969.

Greg proudly served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam conflict. As a highly trained sensor system technician, he was awarded the Air Force Commendation medal for his efforts in Southeast Asia. He returned stateside to be honorably discharged just in time to enjoy Jimmie Carter's double-digit inflation and double-digit unemployment. So he went to school on the G.I. bill.

He attended art classes in the St. Louis area and built a portfolio of professional artwork along with a respectable resume of freelance clients. He landed a job at The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, the conservative daily newspaper, as an artist and graphic designer in 1976.

Nine years later, his wife and two young boys moved to Washington to work for the up-and-coming Washington Times. He says the next 25 years has proven to be very challenging and rewarding. The Washington Times' Graphics Department ruled the design award circuits for several years.

Greg can be reached at