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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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There are 14 organizations planning to protest President Trump's rally in Phoenix on Tuesday. However, two groups will be there to support him. (Associated Press)

Bikers for Trump on duty in Phoenix

At last count, there are 14 organizations planning to protest against President Trump's rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, this according to a tally by the Phoenix Sun Times, a news organization that has attempted to track them all. The groups also have urged their members to request free tickets to the rally, then not attend — to lend the impression that there are empty seats in the humongous arena. Meanwhile, two groups will be on hand in support of the president. Published August 21, 2017

Not everyone is critical of President Trump's recent public remarks about Charlottesville and other matters. (Associated Press)

Jerry Falwell Jr. stands up for Donald Trump: 'I know him well'

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump in early 2016 — and continues to stand by him, even as the president navigates much criticism over his handling of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, along with a political scenario electrified by a hostile media, conflicting reports and strong public emotions. Published August 20, 2017

The opening introductory frame of a United News newsreel from World War II, which provided regular 20-minute news reports for Americans on the home front. These reports helped keep Americans informed. (National Archives)

In it together: Both Trump and voters confront a hostile media

News coverage often seems like a skittish, random collection of outrage, commentary, fleeting news, stray facts, speculation, conflicting information, whining and suggestive headlines these days. The public — along with politicians and even journalists themselves are hard pressed to navigate the technology-fueled tumble of information, a trend that is flourishing during a time when Americans crave and deserve clarity, solutions and wisdom. Published August 17, 2017

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh expressed confusion regarding President Trump's association with the Ku Klux Klan and the election. (Associated Press)

Rush Limbaugh does the math

The news media continues to hammer on controversy surrounding President Trump in the aftermath of Charlottesville plus turmoil over Confederate statuary in public places, Mr. Trump's comments about the situation, and the identity of those who support and elected him. Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has addressed the resulting confusion, particularly the president's association with particular groups. Published August 16, 2017

A page from Elvis Presley's personal Bible reveals his hand-written note in the margin. (Image courtesy of Museum of the Bible; image reproduced with permission of the Bible's owner)

"Sing for the glory of God': Museum highlights Elvis Presley's personal Bible

Many fans around the nation will observe the 40th anniversary of the death of music icon Elvis Presley with concerts, look-a-like contests and peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The Museum of the Bible, however, is offering an online look at Presley's personal Bible, complete with his handwritten notes in the margins. Published August 16, 2017

After Charlottesville: 'This is about controlling the historical narrative'

The past events in Charlottesville have become a cultural and political force — a catalyst for America's latest identity crisis in uneasy times, and one magnified by incessant media coverage. The violence and turmoil four days ago has sparked related rallies, somber commentary, ceaseless criticism of President Trump and continued protests against Confederate-era statuary in public places. Like many observers, Laura Ingraham, talk radio host and founder of, is wondering how far the critics will go for their cause. Statue removal is not the main motive of the marchers and activists, she says. Published August 15, 2017

President Trump's campaign committee has produced and released its first campaign ad, which is presumably aimed at the 2020 election. (

First campaign ad surfaces: Trump's quest for 2020 now underway

It's never too early to get underway. President Trump has a robust re-election committee, and it has released what it bills in no uncertain terms as a "campaign ad." Donald J. Trump for President Inc. remains ready to rumble, and continues to counter the din of the hostile press, career politicians and assorted rivals. The pushback is direct and to the point. Published August 13, 2017

Two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers joined up with Japanese and South Korean fighter jets for a 10-hour "solidarity" mission over Japan on Monday. The Pacific Air Forces Twitter account is using #ironclad. (U.S. Air Force)

Media still dithering over Trump's 'fire and fury'

The news media is comfortable using anonymous sources, suggestive headlines and expletives once considered offensive in their daily coverage. But the press does not appear to know what to do with terse language. In the wake of President Trump's "fire and fury" remark about the North Korea threat, the news media has followed up with a lot of fire and fury of its own, framing the remarks as reckless and dangerous. It was a "rhetorical grenade," according to The Washington Post; "inflammatory words" at The New York Times; and just plain "trash talk," according to the Daily Mail. Published August 9, 2017

David Letterman has conducted 20 interviews with business man-turned-president Donald Trump; The pair talk it up here in 1988. (NBC)

David Letterman's 30-year Trump obsession could resurface on Netflix

Retired late night kingpin David Letterman has a new gig on Netflix, poised to host a half dozen talk shows for the online giant — this after a previous 33-year run on NBC and CBS which yielded 6,000 shows. Though news organizations are already suggesting guests for Mr. Letterman's new project, the host himself has a wish list. Published August 8, 2017

President Trump arrives in Bedminster, New Jersey where he is now spending a short working vacation, and earning some praise from at least one local resident.  (AP Photo)

A little Jersey jolt: Trump called 'a welcome boost' to Bedminster

The news media's latest narrative against President Trump now suggests Mr. Trump's biggest fans are weary, peeved or unsure about the man they elected. These stories cite select polls which indicate that support for Mr. Trump has dropped by such-and-such percentage points and that fervor has faded -- or words to that effect. Published August 7, 2017

The numbers are clear: there's a glow on Main Street and a soaring stock market seven months into the Trump administration.
(Photo of Main Street in Chesterton, Indiana, by Chris Light) (Chris Light)

Numbers don't lie: Trump's doing fine

President Trump faces nonstop criticism and a hostile news media which advances one narrative after another, building their case against him with mostly anonymous sources, suggestive headlines and clever speculation. But he carries on. The result? Among other things, the economy has improved, there's a glow on Main Street and the stock market continues to soar to record highs despite rumor mongering and unproven innuendo from the "resistance." Published August 6, 2017

Libertarians have entered the health care fray, vowing to "repeal and deregulate" to create a system better than Trumpcare or Obamacare. (Libertarian Party)

Libertarian health care: Repeal and deregulate

The health care clash continues, pitting Republican against Democrat. A third combatant has entered the fray, however: The Libertarians now are weighing in on the challenge to create a workable, healthy health care system out of the loose ends and leftovers of Trumpcare and Obamacare. Published August 3, 2017

The Capitol will not be a very busy place in the next months, says a watchdog. There are 12 days of work scheduled through September. (Associated Press)

Do-nothing? Congress plans to work only 12 days in the next two months

Lawmakers may think no one is looking as they exit the nation's capital for impending vacation, campaigning, fundraising or the proverbial family time. But someone is watching. And counting. Jim Hoft, founder of, dragged out the current congressional calendar to discover that lawmakers have only 12 days of work scheduled through the end of September. Published August 2, 2017

A screenshot of President Donald Trump's Twitter account. (Twitter)

Twitter master Trump strikes again

Between his long-standing personal Twitter account and his official White House Twitter account, President Trump has many millions of followers. Each of his tweets is often "liked" more than 100,000 times and retweeted, on rough average, 20,000 times. That is a lot of buzz. Mr. Trump has tweeted 953 times since taking office on @POTUS, his official tweet source. He also has tweeted 35,400 times on @realDonaldTrump — the personal account he has held since 2009. Published August 1, 2017

A new analyst's report claims that President Trump has an excellent chance at winning a second term in the 2020 presidential election. (Donald J. Trump for President)

Trump is 'odds-on favorite to win re-election' says political analyst

President Trump could win the White House again in 2020 -- which likely would send hostile political operatives and the disapproving news media into an epic meltdown. News flash: Get ready. Mr. Trump will likely win re-election, says one analyst. Published July 31, 2017