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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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A migrant is comforted by a paramedic as the caravan of Central American migrants continues on a quest to reach the U.S. border. (Associated Press)

Mainstream media sharpens its 'caravan' narrative

Though the origins of the expanding Honduran caravan advancing on the U.S. border remain somewhat mysterious, broadcasters hostile to President Trump and his administration have already crafted the political narrative as a "humanitarian crisis" and are off on a march of their own. The tone and content of the coverage is so clear and unified that even The Associated Press — which officially sets style and grammar use for most news organizations — was criticized for referring to the caravan participants as "a ragtag army of the poor." Published October 22, 2018

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, at Houston Toyota Center, Monday, Oct. 22, 2018, in Houston. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

EPIC: 100,000 Texas Trump fans

There are clear clues when an OSS Society dinner is under way, as was the case on Saturday evening. Each guest received a complimentary crystal martini glass, and the official libation of the night was the "Fighting 69th Regimental Cocktail" — named for a U.S. Army unit which traces its heritage back to 1849. The drink consists of one part Irish whiskey and three parts chilled champagne. Published October 21, 2018

A Honduran migrant holds a Honduras national flag, as he sits in the bed of a  a pick-up truck, on his way to the Mexican border, in Cocales, about 80 miles north-west from Guatemala City, Guatemala, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018. Many of the more than 2,000 Hondurans in a migrant caravan trying to wend its way to the United States left spontaneously with little more than the clothes on their backs and what they could quickly throw into backpacks. (AP Photo/ Oliver de Ros)

Mainstream media joins the Honduran 'caravan'

The caravan itself has become a complex political symbol that some observers say is yet another ploy by rival Democrats and a hostile news media to portray the president in a negative light as the midterm elections approach. Published October 19, 2018

Honduran migrants bound for the U.S climb into a truck bed in Zacapa, Guatemala, part of a "caravan" that's sparked intense media coverage. (Associated Press)

News media joins the Honduran 'caravan'

The countdown is on for the arrival of what has come to be known as the "Honduran caravan" — an estimated 4,000 men, women, children and infants who left the troubled Honduran city of Pedro Sula last weekend on foot and by truck. Saturday will mark a week on the march for the throng of hopefuls who plan to assemble on the U.S.-Mexico border and demand entry. The caravan itself has become a complex political symbol that some observers say is yet another ploy by rival Democrats and a hostile news media to portray the president in a negative light as the midterm elections approach. Published October 18, 2018

It's must-see TV: Talk radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh meets cable news kingpin Sean Hannity during an encounter at 9 p.m. EDT on Thursday. (Fox News Channel)

Dream team: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity together on Fox News

It is must-see TV for conservatives and Republicans, of course. But Democrats might want to peek at some special programming Thursday evening on Fox News Channel when talk radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh meets cable news kingpin Sean Hannity. The pair of hosts will chat for a full hour about President Trump, the midterm elections and the ever-changing prism of vital information, political and otherwise. Published October 17, 2018

Evangelicals played a pivotal role in the 2016 election, and poll numbers suggest the group will be a major factor in the 2018 midterm elections. One poll has support for President Trump among evangelical voters at around 70 percent. Presumably they will vote for Republicans. (Associated Press)

Evangelicals poised to pray for the midterms

When President Trump won the election almost two years ago, his support from evangelicals was a major driver of the win - so much so that the Rev. Franklin Graham later commented that "God showed up" at the election. Some say it also could happen with the midterm elections, now 20 days off. Published October 16, 2018

President Trump came across as "truly president" in his "60 Minutes" interview, said interviewer Leslie Stahl. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

A succinct review: 'He is truly president'

After a full week of campaign rallies, problem solving and partisan attacks, President Trump also had an in depth interview with Leslie Stahl on CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday night. The overnight ratings from Nielsen Media Research are very telling here. Mr. Trump's interview drew a respectable 11.8 million viewers for CBS. The debut of the "Alec Baldwin Show" on ABC, however, garnered 2.2 million. But that, as the sages say, is show biz. Published October 15, 2018

A new dawn for the Republican Party? Some say that unity has emerged in the GOP following the Kavanaugh matter. The U.S. Capitol is seen here at sunrise. (Associated Press)

Finally: Republican Party shows signs of unity

All aboard that proverbial Trump train? Behold, there's some clear evidence that a more united Republican Party has emerged after the confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court — and just in time. The party is "edgier, more rugged, and more relentless" in the aftermath of the unprecedented brawl on Capitol Hill, says Brad Todd, a columnist for The Federalist. Published October 11, 2018

Actor and President Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin has a new talk show debuting on ABC with a roster of stars. The host, however, has pondered interviewing Mr. Trump, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (ABC)

Alec Baldwin wants to interview President Trump

Actor, political activist and President Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin has a prime time talk show debuting at 10 p.m. Sunday EDT on ABC — and if the host has his way, a future guest just might be the president. Yes, well. Just imagine that cultural moment. Published October 10, 2018

Activists protest on the steps and plaza of the Supreme Court after the confirmation vote of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, on Capitol Hill, Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) ** FILE **

Left's brutal 'tactics' now in sharp focus

The confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is an unprecedented cultural moment that has revealed just how brutal politics has become. Published October 9, 2018

Democratic panic is escalating, even as some surprising positive news coverage about President Trump emerges from unlikely sources. (Associated Press)

Trump stays on task as Democratic panic escalates

President Trump's foes appear to be in permanent uproar, and no wonder. The former "Judge Brett Kavanaugh" is now "Justice Brett Kavanaugh." Economic and employment trends are percolating, diplomatic gains continue. Published October 7, 2018

Demonstrators chant slogans on Capitol Hill to protest Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. A national rally is planned for Saturday. (Associated Press)

Judge Kavanaugh and the culture of protest

Awaiting the outcome of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court has become a classic cliffhanger, teetering in front of the American public with as much dramatic tension as a major sports event — which is why, perhaps, several international betting houses have offered odds on the outcome. News coverage, meanwhile, has been tinctured with opinion and speculation — even as U.S. Capitol Police and U.S. Supreme Court Police have ramped up security for lawmakers, as confrontations and protests get vigorous. Some officers have been called to form a human barrier around the more ardent demonstrations. Published October 4, 2018