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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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President Trump takes the stage during a campaign rally on Saturday in Wheeling, West Virginia. Four more rallies will follow this week. (Associated Press)

Trump charm: Four rallies in five days

President Trump once again is going for the ultra-personal tactics that revved up Republicans and helped him win the 2016 election. As midterms loom, Mr. Trump is showing up in the heartland — in person and surrounded by American flags — at four of his signature jumbo rallies in the next five days. He was in Tennessee on Monday, then it's off to Mississippi, Minnesota and Kansas by week's end. Published October 1, 2018

A crowded cast: Sens. Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and Mike Crapo have a dialogue following a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Friday. (Associated Press)

Kavanaugh drama: Buckle up, pay attention

The first act is over, but the drama escalates. We're talking, of course, of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's quest to become a Supreme Court justice — an important event played out on a complex set with a huge cast of characters, myriad distractions and much media orchestration — complete with partisan agenda, timpani drums and hand-wringing. Will this dramatic tableau have an extended run? Maybe. Published September 30, 2018

Ashley Estes Kavanaugh watches husband, Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Associated Press)

Kavanaugh hearing: Intense, telling, troubling

The beer, the memories, the yearbook, the nicknames, the slang: It was 1983 all over again on Capitol Hill. The coverage of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's appearance at the Senate on Thursday was subject to much interpretation from major news organizations, which fixated on the events all day and into the evening as the event continued and news gave way to analysis. Published September 27, 2018

Despite media distractions, the "Trump Bump" is flourishing, and economic news continues to improve. Consumer optimism is high, too. (Associated Press)

He persisted: Trump Bump triumphs

The news media continues to set off strategic distractions to lure the public away from any good news about President Trump and his administration. But this is a given strategy now. Mr. Trump and his staff continue to take care of business, keep calm and carry on despite press reports suggesting the end is near, or words to that effect. Published September 25, 2018

The National Cannabis Industry Association has a marijuana policy reform guide and claim the issue could be a "winning opportunity" for either political party. (National Cannabis Industry Association)

Cannabusiness: 'The new politics of marijuana'

Imagine what the old hippies of yore would have thought. But here it is: an official cannabis industry guide for lawmakers. Indeed, the National Cannabis Industry Association has released a new report covering what they describe as "the growing popularity of marijuana policy reform and the political benefits candidates in either party could reap by embracing the issue." Published September 24, 2018

President Trump shakes hands with Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh his Supreme Court nominee, at the White House on July 9, 2018. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

'#MeToo has been weaponized'

It seems like years since Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh first appeared with President Trump at the White House as a newly minted Supreme Court nominee, accompanied by his family and applauded by peers. That was the evening of July 9. The calm promise of those early days quickly gave way to raucous protests, disrupted Senate hearings, explosive media coverage, partisan distractions and feminist uprisings. Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently declared that he has never seen the nation's capital "crazier, more paranoid, more tense or more dumb." Published September 23, 2018

The 12th annual Values Voters Summit has arrived in the capital to emphasize the "momentum" and lasting power of America's values. (Family Research Council)

Values Voters Summit holds the line as D.C. rages

The Values Voters Summit has arrived in the nation's capital for the 12th year in a row, and just in time. Amid discord, distractions, media mayhem and the rigors of a fast-approaching election, the three-day event provides a forum for traditional values, drawing 3,000 people and an impressive roster of 65 speakers. The weekend is dedicated to ensuring the "momentum" of bedrock values — along with religious freedom, pro-life causes, the state of conservatism, effective pushback against cultural foes and national security. Published September 20, 2018

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is surrounded by reporters, all seeking her commentary on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.
and the challenges he now faces. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) (Associated Press)

Media in frantic frenzy over Kavanaugh

There was once a time when the news media seemed all dressed up with nowhere to go. That is certainly not the case at the moment. News coverage of the turmoil surrounding Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court now mutates from one thing to another with startling speed. Press narratives unfold like origami. Indeed, there is now an army of journalists, analysts, broadcasters, pollsters, bloggers, strategists and columnists on the march, presenting their wares to a public that says that news coverage confuses them. Published September 19, 2018

TidalWave Productions, which publishes biographical comic books, has just released a new title: "Political Power: Stormy Daniels." (TidalWave Productions)

Stormy Daniels now the heroine of a comic book, deemed 'unlikely feminist icon'

It is a cultural moment to consider, and timed to precede the publication of adult film star Stormy Daniels tell-all book on her involvement with then-businessman Donald Trump years ago. TidalWave Productions, which publishes biographical comic books, has just released a new title: "Political Power: Stormy Daniels." Published September 19, 2018

Only 14 percent of U.S. voters think President Trump is politically correct says a new Rasmussen reports survey. (AP Photo)

Only 14% of voters think Donald Trump is politically correct: poll

Most voters appear uncomfortable with political correctness according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday. It found that 61 percent of the respondents agreed that political correctness "is a problem in America today." Published September 19, 2018

A Wall Street Journal editorial says, "A story this old and unprovable can't be allowed to delay a Supreme Court confirmation vote." (Associated Press)

The complex hazards of the 'MeToo Kavanaugh ambush'

Behold. The Wall Street Journal has offered a new editorial titled "The #MeToo Kavanaugh Ambush." Regarding the baroque challenges now facing Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh from political and cultural opponents, the news organization simply advises "A story this old and unprovable can't be allowed to delay a Supreme Court confirmation vote." Published September 18, 2018

A former McCain campaign adviser says that voters are becoming weary of the slams against President Trump and losing their power.
President Trump faces the press and their many microphones during a brief encounter on the White House lawn. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnick) (Associated Press)

Repetitive Trump attacks losing their power

Anyone out there remember details from the infamous, anonymous New York Times op-ed? Anyone? It was just one in a long line of intense, coordinated, strategic attacks on President Trump and his administration which arrive like clockwork daily, and every other word is "chaos." Published September 17, 2018

U.S. Constitution. ** FILE **

Trump's reminder: It's Constitution Day

Everyone argues about the U.S. Constitution. Not so many sit down and read it, or honor its existence. Monday is Constitution Day, a fact not lost on President Trump. Published September 17, 2018

Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis has a new book arriving "Republicans Buy Sneakers Too: How the Left is Ruining Sports with Politics." (Clay Travis)

Clay Travis: 'How the left is ruining sports with politics'

Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis has much to say in a forthcoming book titled "Republicans Buy Sneakers Too: How the Left is Ruining Sports with Politics." Mr. Travis is intent on saving sports, he says, from "social justice warriors seeking to turn them into another political battleground." Mr. Travis is naming names and supplying anecdotes; he refers to ESPN as "MSESPN" and insists that politicized sports could sully national unity. Published September 16, 2018