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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

A graduate of Syracuse University, Jennifer Harper writes the daily Inside the Beltway column and provides additional coverage of breaking national news, plus long-term trends in politics, media issues, public opinion, popular culture, Hollywood foibles and “eureka” moments in health and science.

She has been a frequent broadcast commentator on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, Voice of America, Citadel Broadcasting, Talk Radio Network and other news organizations. Born in Elizabeth, N.J., Ms. Harper grew up in Texas and arrived in Washington in time for Watergate -- and has been tracking the political and media landscape ever since.

She is an active member of the American Federation of TV Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild. She has won 14 journalism awards during her years at The Washington Times.

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

Super Bowl can lead to odd injuries

They choke. They sprain something. They forget to visit the restroom or attempt to open a beer bottle - with their teeth. Published January 27, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Day by day

Lofty observers are now applying the same historic standard to the two opposing circumstances of President Obama and former President George W. Bush: "Only time will tell." Published January 25, 2009

Still kicking: Dictators make rounds

They're tanned, they're fit -- well, they're upright, anyway. A pair of world leaders resurfaced on Friday just in time for a post-inaugural audience and a new administration in Washington. Published January 24, 2009

Press’s affair with Obama hits bumps

He enjoyed unprecedented positive coverage on the campaign trail, and has vowed to be transparent with the news media. President Obama, however, has garnered a skimpy press honeymoon, though some say journalists will favor him as long as they agree with his concept of "change." Published January 23, 2009

Pro-life marchers lose attention

She's asked President Obama to come for a visit, and she has bloggers on her side now. Still, Nellie Gray — who founded the March for Life 36 years ago — pines for some meaningful attention from the press. Published January 21, 2009

Inaugural emotions take hold

The presidential inauguration of Barack Obama will be remembered as a pivotal day for America, but its significance may take years to sort out. Published January 19, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Days of yore

On this day in 1803, Thomas Jefferson requested funding from Congress to finance the Lewis and Clark expedition — a whopping $2,500 for the 50-member "Corps of Discovery" that surveyed territory that would ultimately comprise the Louisiana Purchase. Published January 18, 2009

What will history have to say?

Whether his critics like it or not, President Bush will have his permanent place in history, and the dynamic is already in motion. Published January 15, 2009

Grace, mettle define first lady

She has eyes as blue as bluebonnets - and enough grace, sincerity and composure to fill up the entire state of Texas. Published January 15, 2009

Children happy with spirituality

The spiritual lives of children has come under close scrutiny by two different sets of researchers who reached the same conclusion. Spirituality is a good thing for youngsters, a positive influence. Published January 12, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend

Experts wonder: When President-elect Barack Obama gets to the White House, does it mean that America has entered a post-racial era? Published January 11, 2009

Media ends Bush battle; round two: Palin

One battle ends, another begins. His job done, President Bush will abandon the major press spotlight in 11 days. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's match in the media arena has just begun, however. Published January 9, 2009

U.S. teen birthrate rises, reversing trend

Teenage births have increased in the U.S. for the first time in 14 years, according to numbers released Wednesday by the National Center for Health Statistics. Published January 8, 2009