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Marybeth Hicks

Marybeth Hicks

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HICKS: Palin, Oprah and media literacy

Thanks to Oprah Winfrey's interview of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, I'm heading out to buy her book, "Going Rogue: An American Life." Published November 18, 2009

HICKS: Reject violent video games

Tuesday was one of those days when the news can confuse us. Just as millions of Americans tuned into the painfully moving memorial service at Fort Hood, Texas, honoring 13 Americans whose lives were extinguished by an Islamist soldier in their midst, entertainment news carried headlines about a record-setting war game now available wherever toys are sold. Published November 11, 2009

HICKS: Lack of civility costly in court

It's probably just a matter of time until burglary suspect Kane Kellett files a lawsuit claiming he was denied his right to free speech. Published November 4, 2009

HICKS: Non-admission on baby videos

It has a long way to go to make its organization's name a reality, but the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood claimed an important recent victory. Published October 28, 2009

HICKS: Allure of fame skews reality

In August 2005, I was asked to consider auditioning for the reality show "Wife Swap," the premise being that I would visit the home of an uber-cool family that was unaccustomed to my authoritative parenting style, and a permissive and culturally savvy mom would stay in my home with my husband and our four children (presumably to be appalled by the sight of children who read newspapers). Published October 21, 2009

HICKS: Between lines on poster ban

Today's observation: Is it any wonder our teenagers are confused? They're surrounded by absurd mixed messages from adults that defy logic and fly in the face of common sense. Published October 14, 2009

HICKS: Hidden hurt of unemployment

There had to be a dozen mismatched suitcases - big ones - all stuffed to capacity and secured with luggage straps, but the one I noticed first was a small, pink overnight bag with a teddy bear sticking out of the front pocket. Published October 7, 2009

HICKS: A little respect goes long way

Today's update on America's culture war comes from the village of Wintersville, Ohio, population 4,067. This charming enclave is home to 21 churches, an authentic drive-in movie theater, and perhaps the only high school marching band in the nation that has turned the vulgar music of Britney Spears into a football halftime show. Published September 30, 2009

HICKS: Parents needed in culture wars

The subject line on the e-mail in my inbox said, "Moms group question - song lyrics." The first draft of my reply read: "aaaaaarrrrrrrggggggg" all in caps, but I thought better of it. E-mail isn't good for conveying deeply held emotions - just ask South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Published September 23, 2009

HICKS: Self-restraint prevents incivility

Through emotional outbursts in virtually every corner of our culture, famous folks recently have offered up a veritable smorgasbord of bad taste on which to comment. Published September 16, 2009

HICKS: President is not ‘First Father’

Every year, on the night before school starts, I announce that it's time to take a walk. All six of us fan out throughout the house to find our flip flops, someone gets a leash for Scotty the dog, and we set out in a disorganized band up our street. But it's not just a walk. It's a ritual. Published September 9, 2009

HICKS: Back to school, playing it cool

"I know what I'll say if anyone asks why I'm not wearing makeup," my daughter says as we pull up to the curb in front of school. "I'll say, 'I have a new haircut and I used whitening strips on my teeth.' " Published September 2, 2009

HICKS: Girlhood, interrupted

I finally had to sit down with my 11-year-old daughter for "the talk." Despite my best efforts to preserve her innocence and protect her from growing up too quickly, I simply had to tell her some important facts of life. Published August 26, 2009

HICKS: They grow up in just a flash

It took me a while to figure out what was so different about us compared with the other families in church on Sunday. Unlike most of the children in the surrounding pews, my four children didn't eat Cheerios. They didn't ask to go out for a drink. They didn't kick their siblings or tug on our sleeves or have to be taken to the bathroom. In fact, they sat still and listened to the homily. Published August 19, 2009

Health reform, veterinary-style

What's the price of love? That's the question I've been asking myself lately as I don my rubber gloves and prepare to administer a dose of antibacterial ointment on the business end of my dog, Scotty. Published August 12, 2009

HICKS: An easy kid fix: Just turn it off

It's time to pull out the blood pressure cuff, and I'm not suggesting this as a do-it-yourself health care solution, though by the looks of things, it could come to that. Given the reforms suggested so far, "DIY" may be a viable alternative. Published August 5, 2009

HICKS: Dr. Mom sees threat in reform

"You'd better get over here," the school secretary said. "Something's up with Katie." "Something" turned out to be a post-tonsillectomy bleed that began 11 days after surgery. Published July 29, 2009

HICKS: Are we sapping kids’ ambition?

"What are you doing? I love that song," I say to my daughter as she reaches over to change the radio station in my van. "That's Darius Rucker. He was born to sing country music." Published July 22, 2009

HICKS: Emerging from news blackout

It says something about the times in which we live that my husband and I decreed "no news" on our vacation. It's the only way we figured we could relax. Published July 15, 2009

HICKS: Kids a threat to civilization

They're everywhere and you simply cannot escape them. They follow you to church on Sundays. They sit behind you on airplanes, in restaurants, even in the waiting room at the doctor's office. They disrupt family reunions and days at the beach. Published July 8, 2009