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Marybeth Hicks

Marybeth Hicks

Articles by Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Rallies call for standing up for religious freedom

When historians one day look back on the rise and fall of the American republic, it won't only be our habitual deficit spending and lack of financial discipline they blame for our demise, but the deficit of faith and lack of religion in our children's generation. Published June 5, 2012

**FILE** Horizon High School seniors Daniel Odom and Sydney Priest leave the gym May 23, 2012, before their graduation in Decatur, Ala. (Associated Press/The Decatur Daily)

HICKS: Ritual has importance misbehavior destroys

It's a sad reflection on our times that auspicious occasions such as high school, college and even graduate school commencement exercises routinely include inappropriate behavior, not only on the part of graduates but, disconcertingly, by their families and friends. Published May 29, 2012

HICKS: MTV exploits viewers to make a quick buck

I have joked for years that MTV is destroying civilization as we know it. Then, the network gave us "Jersey Shore," and proved my joke wasn't funny, it was true. Published May 22, 2012

HICKS: Julia’s carefree life offers no real appeal

Last week, in an advertorial slideshow on, the president's re-election campaign introduced "The Life of Julia" about a fictional "everywoman" whose government-subsidized existence is intended to reassure women voters about President Obama's ability to provide for them in an uncertain future. Published May 8, 2012

HICKS: ‘Mommy wars’ is class warfare in disguise

The smell of pot roast escapes from the lid of the slow cooker and wafts down the hallway to my home office. My washer and dryer hum harmoniously in the distance while generating hours' worth of laundry for me to fold tonight after dinner. Published April 17, 2012

HICKS: Democrats’ ‘war’ talk says women are gullible

In 1968, cigarette maker Philip Morris launched a brand of smokes just for women. Marketed with the provocative slogan, "You've come a long way, baby," Virginia Slims offered an elegant profile and an image that suggested freedom, empowerment and equality. Published April 10, 2012

HICKS: Fathering daughters the old-fashioned way

If there's one thing liberals and conservatives generally have agreed upon with respect to President Obama, it's that by all indications, he's a good father to his daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10. Published March 27, 2012

HICKS: A sad true story shows morality is lacking

This is a story with no good ending. There's not likely to be a peaceful reckoning, or a positive life lesson. It's just pointless and sad, no matter how you look at it. Published March 20, 2012

HICKS: Furor obscures real issue: Religious liberty

Last week, amid the furor over Georgetown University law student and feminist activist Sandra Fluke's now-famous congressional testimony about the "financial burden" of contraception for college coeds, the ensuing media feeding frenzy over talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh's comments about Ms. Fluke, and the White House's masterful creation of a supposed "war on women" being waged by Mr. Limbaugh and conservatives, something very serious was lost in the shuffle. Published March 13, 2012

HICKS: ‘Frack Nation’ digs up the not-so-scary truth

When it comes to 21st-century environmental and energy debates, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Especially when what little knowledge you may have is incorrect. And most especially when it's a lie. Published February 14, 2012

HICKS: Dot-gov has it all to help Americans do better

Last week in his State of the Union address, President Obama claimed to share President Lincoln's opinion "that government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more." Published January 31, 2012

Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Disgusted parents ‘occupy’ the classroom

That rumbling sound you hear isn't a snow-removal truck, a low-flying plane or a train inadvertently chugging through your backyard. No, it's the low, slow churning of civic discontent. Published January 24, 2012