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Marybeth Hicks

Marybeth Hicks

Articles by Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Only in California? Don’t bet on it

I recently heard the first radio ad of the season for school supplies, so it won't be long before the bell rings and America's children file back into the classroom for another year. Published July 26, 2011

HICKS: California bill respects authority of parents

I have to confess my initial reaction to the headline was to roll my eyes in contempt for yet another government entity that I assumed was trying to legislate good parenting. After all, it's a trend that has gained traction of late. Published May 17, 2011

HICKS: Prince Charles feeding hogwash to the world

You hardly could blame Prince Charles for the raspy voice with which he lectured the students of Georgetown University last week, what with his speech on sustainable food coming just five days after the multimillion-dollar wedding of his son, Prince William, to the charming commoner Kate Middleton. Published May 10, 2011

Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Video games and bullying

Parents, see what games are in your child's Xbox or PS3 and ask yourself whether the content of those games reflects the values you want to instill in your child's heart. Published April 19, 2011

Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Menu is mandated at the Nanny Cafe

It's not the role of a public school principal to decree what her students may and may not eat. In fact, even the less-stringent policies convey a growing and disturbing trend among educators and others toward meddling in parents' decisions. Published April 12, 2011

Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Good advice, but unpopular

If the free advice peddled in today's media is any indication, my perception of the decline of our civilization is more than just a vague sense of longing for some idealized "good old days." We're in big trouble. Published March 15, 2011

Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Out from under a phony union

Last week, while Wisconsin's 14 renegade Democratic state senators continued to wash their socks and underwear in a hotel sink in a "principled" standoff to avoid voting on Gov. Scott Walker's public union reform agenda, and as similar legislative efforts unfolded in Ohio and Indiana, there was a quiet but seismic victory for working people in my home state of Michigan. Published March 8, 2011

Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Movie too real for Hollywood

Filed under "Typical Media Bias Against Religion," the theatrical release last week of the cop drama "The Grace Card" garnered this one-line summary on the movie site WILL KIDS WANT TO SEE IT? Published March 1, 2011

Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Nanny state’s best judgment?

Inserting state regulators into decisions about baby sitters is simply the manifestation of a doctrine that asserts that the state has a greater interest than parents in the welfare of its young citizens. That notion is not just insulting; it's nuts. Published February 22, 2011