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Marybeth Hicks

Marybeth Hicks

Articles by Marybeth Hicks

HICKS: Unmusical pro-Obama ditty is seriously laughable

About the new video from a group that calls itself the Future Children Project, which promotes its pro-Obama message in a song performed by a children's choir: You people must be joking. Published October 30, 2012

HICKS: LSU grabs Tiger by tail in altering ‘Posse’ picture

You would think that, with Louisiana State University's 7-1 overall record and 3-1 Southeastern Conference record, fans of the No. 6-ranked college football team would focus all their attention on the upcoming game against No. 1-ranked Alabama. Published October 23, 2012

HICKS: It’s up to parents to pull plug on Internet

Someone has to notice that a child as young as 10 or 12, who formerly was a typical, active youngster, no longer goes outside to play or gets into fights with his siblings, but instead retreats to a bedroom, puts on a pair of headphones and proceeds to spend upward of six hours after school on Facebook or playing "Tour of Duty." Published October 2, 2012

HICKS: Look out for eroding of parental authority

It's been an eventful week at the intersection of parenting and politics, that busy corner where decision-making often is affected by the onslaught of traffic from social engineers, liberal educators, public health experts, and civil rights activists who know better than parents what's best for their kids. Published September 25, 2012

HICKS: Academic liberalism replaced with leftism

From the elite, Northeastern liberal arts college our eldest daughter attended, to the sprawling Southern state university where our son recently began his studies, academic "liberalism," the quest for an expansive and enlightening education, has been soundly replaced with raw, unvarnished leftism. Published September 18, 2012

HICKS: Chicago teacher strike is not for the children

On Monday, Chicago's 26,000 public school teachers walked out of the classroom and, after a quick stop at Target for red T-shirts, assembled in the Windy City's downtown Loop to make this crucial point: It's not about the children. It's about us. Published September 11, 2012

HICKS: Given a fighting chance, little Pearl thrives

Ruth and Eric Brown didn't expect anything to be wrong. At 20 weeks pregnant, Ruth had no indications her baby was anything but perfect. So they were completely unprepared for what they learned at a routine ultrasound: Their third child, daughter Pearl Joy, was profoundly underdeveloped. Published September 4, 2012

HICKS: CodePink won’t make me blush or see red

Among those protesting this week at the Republican National Convention, representatives from the radical feminist group CodePink are making a strong statement for women (or is that "womyn"?) by dressing up as vaginas to oppose what they're calling the Republican "war on women." Published August 28, 2012

HICKS: Selfish Akin bringing GOP down with him

Rep. W. Todd Akin thrust himself into the Hall of Fame of 21st Century Political Stupidity, an incredible accomplishment in the age of Anthony "Weinergate" Weiner, then-South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's rendezvous with a lover in Argentina, and anything uttered by Vice President Joseph R. Biden. Published August 21, 2012

** FILE ** Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Associated Press)

HICKS: The gangs in Chicago reflect wrong values

For a man known in political and media circles for his prodigious application of the "f-word" (as a noun, an adjective, a verb, an adverb — most likely all eight parts of speech), Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sounds like the veritable schoolmarm when recently scolding that city's murderous gangs. Published July 10, 2012

HICKS: California law would not be in kids’ ‘best interests’

California state Sen. Mark Leno believes that adults in nontraditional families — such as when there is a gay couple as well as a biological father or mother — ought to have parental rights conferred on all parties engaged in the business of "parenting." Published July 3, 2012