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Matthew Sullivan

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World burns as Obama fiddles

The Islamic State and other radical terrorist groups are beheading, crucifying, raping and burning alive human beings in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other places. Terrorists are also shooting and killing in America, France, England, Norway and elsewhere. While this is happening, what is President Obama doing with the greatest military machine the world has ever seen? Nothing. Nada. He plays golf, vacations, raises campaign money while the world burns. Nero was nothing compared with Mr. Obama. What is going on is analogous to what happened prior to World War II. Adolf Hitler was moving in Europe while people such as Lord Chamberlain wanted only peace at any price. Chamberlain went to Munich, met with Hitler, signed a peace agreement (followed by his infamous "Peace for our time" speech), which appeased Hitler and guaranteed the war that killed 50 million to 60 million people. Published February 23, 2015

Beijing to begin pollution purge

Beijing is bracing for a shutdown of construction and restrictions on cars and factories as Chinese officials work to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion to tolerable levels before the opening of the Olympics next month. Published July 19, 2008