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Richard W. Rahn

Richard W. Rahn

Richard W. Rahn is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth.

Articles by Richard W. Rahn

Illustration Small Government by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: A world without income taxes

Why should the federal government bother to impose taxes when it can use the Federal Reserve to "print" all the money it needs to pay its bills? Last year, the Fed bought 77 percent of all of the government's new debt, which is the equivalent of printing money. Published October 8, 2012

Illustration Obama Crushes by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: A vote for Obama is a vote for recession

Many in the mainstream media appear to be in the bag for the re-election of President Obama. They also appear to not have thought through the consequences of their wishes, both to the nation and their own careers. Published October 1, 2012

Illustration: Global taxes by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: U.S. should ax destructive tax

It's difficult to say definitively which tax is the most destructive. The corporate income tax is a leading candidate for causing higher prices to consumers, lower wages to workers and lower returns to investors. Published September 24, 2012

Illustration: Tyranny and freedom by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

RAHN: America in free-fall

The annual Economic Freedom of the World report, including an index of country rankings, has just been released, and it should be a wake-up call. Published September 17, 2012

Illustration by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: The wrong doctors

Central banks are being pressured by their political masters to solve a problem they cannot solve. Published September 11, 2012

Illustration Jobless Can by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

RAHN: Democrats' hypocrisy with the rich

Did you know that President Obama is responsible for the loss of more U.S. jobs than any other person? Did you know that Sen. John F. Kerry and his wife are three to four times as rich as Mitt and Ann Romney, according to the New York Times, yet paid a lower tax rate than the Romneys in 2003, the year before Mr. Kerry ran for president? Published August 27, 2012

Illustration: Economic mayday by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: Stop global economic malpractice

Two centuries ago, it was common practice for the doctors to bleed a patient in the belief that it would get rid of the "vapors" that were thought to be causing the illness. As a result, most patients got worse and many died. Much of the world is now suffering from equally incompetent politicos playing economic doctors. Published August 20, 2012

Illustration: Greed by John Camejo for The Washington Times

RAHN: Economic lessons from the Olympics

Do you admire what the Olympic athletes have been able to accomplish, and do you think they should be applauded for their outstanding performances? Most people in the world would answer the question in the affirmative. Most people also admire and applaud great musicians and artists. Published August 13, 2012

The Washington Times

RAHN: Resist the U.N.'s disability convention

Which level of government do you think should have the responsibility for protecting the rights of the disabled -- local, state, federal or the United Nations? The United States has been a global leader in protecting the disabled and advancing its interests. Published August 6, 2012

Illustration by M. Ryder

RAHN: No excuse for bad policies

The Obama administration and its apologists, including many in the media, keep telling us that the Great Recession was the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930s, and that is why the recovery has been so anemic. Is that true? Published July 30, 2012

The Washington Times

RAHN: Irrational infatuation with biofuels

Are you upset about rapidly rising food costs and high gas prices? You can thank members of Congress and the administration for this situation. Much of the United States is in the midst of a major drought. That's not the fault of the political class, but those folks have made the consequences of the drought far worse for the entire world. Published July 23, 2012

Illustration by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

RAHN: Obama plans to fund government for eight days

When President Obama announced that he again wanted to increase taxes on the top 2 percent of taxpayers, I would have recommended to Mitt Romney that he reply by saying: "President Obama has called for a tax increase on job creators, which will only fund the government for eight days, while I have an economic growth program that will fund the government for eight years and beyond. Published July 16, 2012

Illustration Global Tax by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: Rise of the global tax collectors

The Constitution gives Congress the exclusive right to tax Americans at the federal level. Yet Congress continues to give away this most fundamental responsibility to international organizations, the most dangerous of which is the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Published July 9, 2012

Illustration: Tea Party by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

RAHN: Constitutional fix to overspending

Tea Party members are going to be very unhappy. Many of the new members of the House and Senate that the Tea Party helped elect are already becoming part of the political class, as evidenced by their votes for continued farm subsidies, refusals to put reasonable limits on the growth of the food- stamp program, support for unaccountable international organizations, and on and on. Published June 25, 2012

Illustration: Government money

RAHN: Wanted: Servants, not celebrities

Barack Obama has been loudly proclaiming that he is not responsible as president for the big increase in spending because it was already "baked in the cake." He could have been more accurate by noting that under the Constitution, Congress is responsible for spending. Published June 18, 2012

Illustration: Federal Reserve by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

RAHN: Wrong tools for the job

Assume you are a skilled heart surgeon and your patient needs a new heart valve, but you were given a spoon rather than a scalpel to cut open a chest. Relying on the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) to cure the lack of job growth is going to be no more effective than giving a heart surgeon a spoon. Published June 11, 2012

Illustration: Global taxes by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: Taxation goes global

What government unit has the right to tax you - your local government, regional or state government, federal government or multinational organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Health Organization? The reason the question is becoming more important is that rising numbers of politically powerful persons and institutions are calling for global taxes on such things as financial transactions, tobacco, sugar and carbon emissions. Published June 4, 2012

Illustration by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

RAHN: Spending lies run into facts

Many in the political class, including President Obama and many members of Congress, have an interest in confusing, rather than enlightening, the public. Published May 28, 2012