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S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller is the Politics Editor for The Washington Times. He can be contacted at

Articles by S.A. Miller

Biden seen as giving ticket gravitas

Sen. Barack Obama returned Saturday to the spot where he began his improbable presidential run to present his newly picked running mate. Published August 25, 2008

Obama introduces Sen. Biden as running mate

Sen. Barack Obama returned Saturday to the spot where he began his improbably presidential run to publicly present his newly picked running mate, Sen. Joseph R. Biden of Delaware, introducing him as a man with "a distinguished record and a fundamental decency" who will help lead the country in a new direction. Published August 23, 2008

Party boasts Western revival

If you did not know Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County - the most densely populated jurisdictions in solidly Republican Utah - had Democrat mayors, you will by the end of the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week. Published August 22, 2008

Obama gives nod to success of surge

Barack Obama, edging away from a long-held position, tacitly acknowledged the success of the Iraq troop-surge strategy during an appearance Tuesday before the country's largest organization of combat veterans. Published August 20, 2008

Obama's serves up Southern strategy

Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign in Georgia spent the weekend training more than 2,500 volunteers for a statewide push to register voters and boost Election Day turnout, a massive grass-roots mobilization that is part of the campaign's national strategy to drive up the mostly Democratic black vote and capture longtime Republican strongholds. Published August 19, 2008

Warner to deliver keynote address at convention

Sen. Barack Obama tapped Mark Warner to deliver the keynote address on the second night of the Democratic National Convention, boosting the former Virginia governor's run for U.S. Senate and the party's bid to steal the state from Republicans in the presidential race. Published August 14, 2008

McCain reminds voters of Obama's 'bitter' gaffe

Sen. John McCain reminded Pennsylvanians Tuesday that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama said the state's small-town voters "cling to guns and religion" because they are "bitter," a gaffe that possibly contributed to Mr. Obama's loss in the state primary and might haunt his general election campaign in this battleground. Published August 13, 2008

Challengers render Franken run a joke

A lifetime of blue jokes and biting satire have proved a heavy load for Democrat Al Franken to carry in his U.S. Senate run, giving opponents an arsenal of potshots and even spurring a last-minute primary challenger who says the "Saturday Night Live" veteran is just too vulgar for Minnesotans. Published August 12, 2008

Michelle Obama courts vital military families

Michelle Obama told military wives faced with their husbands' multiple tours of duty, low military pay and health care concerns that help is on its way Wednesday, as the Democratic presidential candidate deployed his wife to court military families considered vital to flipping this historically Republican state. Published August 7, 2008

Democrats hit shutdown threat

Democratic leaders slammed Republicans on Monday for threatening to force a government shutdown this fall unless Congress lifts the ban on offshore oil drilling and for simultaneously demanding lawmakers return from the August recess to vote on more drilling. Published August 5, 2008

Rangel files for ethics probe of own actions

Rep. Charles B. Rangel took the unusual step Wednesday of filing an ethics complaint against himself, hoping an ethics probe will allay criticism he abused his office by using congressional stationery to solicit funds for a college center that bears his name. Published July 24, 2008

Energy legislation stalls on partisan bickering

Congress spun toward an impasse on energy legislation Tuesday as Republicans and Democrats talked past each other about how to cure America's gas-price woes. Published July 23, 2008

Gore introduces green challenge to U.S.

Former Vice President Al Gore harnessed his star power Thursday to push global warming to the forefront of election politics, challenging the nation to embark on an Apollo-style project to convert all electricity production to wind, solar and other renewable energy within 10 years. Published July 18, 2008

Capitol Hill hits low in ratings

Self-proclaimed Democrats - disgruntled by the failure of their party's leaders to keep key campaign promises - pushed Congress' job-approval rating to an all-time low in a Gallup Poll out Wednesday. Published July 17, 2008

Green groups bolster lobby against offshore drilling

Environmental groups are scrambling to shore up opposition in the Democrat-led Congress to more offshore oil drilling, countering the push for added domestic production by President Bush and voters pinched by rising gasoline prices. Published July 16, 2008

GOP fuels gas-price anger in N.Y. race

New York Republicans are fanning voter anger over rising gas prices and high taxes in an effort to oust Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, a freshman Democrat whose upstate district is considered one of the few places where embattled House Republicans could pick up a seat this year. Published July 15, 2008

Gunfight at the ACLU corral

Gun rights are so popular in Nevada that they are backed by even the state chapter of a liberal group that conservatives usually love to hate. And Republicans are in clover. Published July 14, 2008

Democrats bash war, but promote Iraq generals

Senate Democrats, who cooled their anti-war rhetoric as the Iraq body count plummeted and America's economic woes stole the headlines, insist the overwhelming vote Thursday to promote the top two U.S. generals in Iraq was not a vindication of President Bush's war policy. Published July 11, 2008

Congress backs FISA, hands victory to Bush

Congress granted final passage Wednesday to new laws for spy-agency eavesdropping on terror suspects abroad; Sen. Edward M. Kennedy returned to the Senate for a decisive Medicare vote. Published July 10, 2008

Baker, Christopher aim to boost war powers

A plan by former Secretaries of State James A. Baker III and Warren Christopher that would enhance Congress' war powers received a warm bipartisan welcome Tuesday from Capitol Hill lawmakers, who applauded the idea of playing a larger role in deciding when to go to war. Published July 9, 2008